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Build local schools with tax dollars

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Labor pledges primary school for Googong.

LAST YEAR THE leader of the Opposition, Luke Foley MP and Candidate for Monaro Bryce Wilson committed a future NSW Labor Government to building a new primary school in Googong.

Labor has criticized the Deputy Premier and National Party representative for Monaro John Barilaro for not having moved on a promised planning process for a new school by the end of 2017.

“The Berejiklian-Barilaro Government has failed to invest and deliver key public services in NSW, the Deputy Premier even failing to do so in his own electorate,” says the Opposition Spokesperson for Monaro, the Hon Courtney Houssos MLC.

“NSW Coalition: wrong priorities and neglecting regions

“This Government has the wrong priorities, with a Deputy Premier who thinks it is a good idea to splash $2.5 billion on Sydney stadiums while students in Googong are forced to travel to get to school every day.”

The fast-growing community of Googong has just passed the 1,000 home milestone and is expected to have more than 18,000 residents move into the area over the next 15 to 20 years.

Googong parent and QPRC Councillor Kenrick Winchester notes:  “Googong is a rapidly growing community that is full of young families with school-aged children. It is important we have the infrastructure in place to accommodate this growing population, and not always be playing catch up.

“As a Googong resident I already see the issues resulting from a lack of adequate preparation. We already see significant traffic congestion at peak times, and an inadequate level of general maintenance to the parks and green spaces. I would hate to see us go down the same path in relation to access to public education. We need this public school built ASAP.”

Residents have also raised concerns about ongoing maintenance of the vacant school site.

“We know that a great local primary school helps build a great local community, it is time for the Government to put this school in front of a stadium,” says Labor candidate for Monaro Bryce Wilson.

“And I would encourage the Department to talk to the developer and find a way to improve the maintenance and function of the site while the planning work is done.”

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