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Bushfire response: aid for local wildlife clinic


SOUTHERN CROSS WILDLIFE Hospital outside Braidwood received much-needed state government assistance to expand facilities following the recent bushfires.

Here Dr Howard Ralph, the hospital’s veterinarian, outlines the help received from the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and what that means for our local wildlife patients. He writes:


“As part of the National Parks and Wildlife Service response to the bushfires, and their ‘Wildlife Heroes Project’, they have helped to fund an upgrade of the Southern Cross Wildlife Hospital facility. The changes provide an improved access and capacity to admit and treat, particularly, emergency patients.

“These emergencies include burns, motor vehicle injuries and other painful and life-threatening problems. There are also improvements to the intensive care department to facilitate high level investigation and treatment for all wildlife that require intensive care expertise. 

“These changes help to ensure that all patients can continue to receive the best possible care and management at the hospital. The resident veterinarian, nursing staff, physiotherapist and others are grateful for the changes that facilitate their management and care of patients.

“There is now an emergency room that has improved access, full monitoring, anaesthetic and ventilation equipment separate from the operating theatre, investigation and treatment resources and access to subsequent intensive care.

“It also enables Southern Cross Wildlife Care to continue to conduct regular training for veterinarians, nurses, students, carers and others who benefit from our training by qualified staff.”

We thank the National Parks and Wildlife Service for this project and their continued support.

IMAGES SUPPLIED via Southern Cross Wildlife Facebook

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