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Canberra artists’ petition on loss of funding

Dear fellow artists and art lovers

Canberra has always been a city that values art and artists, in all they do to enrich Canberra, its surrounds, and the community.

In December 2016 the ACT Government made an un-announced, unprecedented 66% drop in funding to Project Funding in the ACT Arts budget for 2017. This is deeply worrying to many Canberra artists.

In response to a letter co-signed by over 160 of Canberra’s leading artists, the incoming Arts Minister Gordon Ramsay announced that an additional $230,000 of funding will now be distributed for 2017 Projects. This was very welcome however it is still only 65% of previous years’ funding.

The arts sector has come together to form the Canberra Arts Action Group to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. The group also calls upon a need for greater transparency and consultation with the ACT arts community for the benefit of all. A five point petition will be put to the Legislative Assembly calling for this change.

If you wish to support our local artists, and believe that art should be an important and valued part of our community, please sign it. The petition can be found at

Please pass this information to any in your circles who are patrons, practitioners or lovers of art. It would be great if we could all stand up to be counted.

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