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Canberra cull 2018: early end and damned lies

ACT kangaroo cull 2018

THE ACT GOVERNMENT has claimed that it has killed 3,200 kangaroos across ACT reserves in one of its largest annual kangaroo massacres ever. Opponents of the slaughter claim the government is lying – again.

Spokesperson for the Animal Protectors Alliance, Robyn Soxsmith explains. “It would be nice to think Canberra was still home to over 3,200 kangaroos after nine years of unremitting slaughter at a kill rate four times faster than the maximum rate at which kangaroo populations can grow. But those of us who spend much of our lives around ACT reserves know that it is simply impossible.”

Ms Soxsmith continues. “In fact, the slaughter this year seems to have been nowhere near as intense as in previous years. Our watchers around the reserves heard only a few shots fired.  One of the usual dead give-aways that shooting has occurred are the orphaned at-foot joeys lining the streets around the reserves. We saw few of these this year.”

Asked why the government would falsely claim that it has killed thousands of kangaroos if it has probably killed at most a few hundred, Ms Soxsmith responds, “The Government is simply keeping up appearances to give Canberrans the impression that killing kangaroos is normal and business as usual.”

Ms Soxsmith adds that is scarcely the first time the government has made false statements about its kangaroo killing campaign. “Every year they lie when they claim they do it for environmental reasons. Every year they lie when they claim the killing is humane. This is just one more offence to add to an already long rap sheet.”

“They want to mislead the public into believing the kangaroo population can sustain what is clearly an unsustainable killing rate, so that can get away with killing kangaroos any time and for any reason they want. For example, every time they want to ram a new development up to the fences of a reserve – which they seem to be doing quite routinely since the annual massacre began.”

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