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Careful what you wish for: no saviour of traffic problems here

Ellerton Drive Extension

Letter to the editor

To those few who say about the Ellerton Drive Extension (EDE) “Just build it”, be careful what you wish for!  Ask yourself why has it been on the maps and debated for 40 years but never built? The answer is it’s an obscenely expensive dud!  This $86 million dollar road won’t solve Queanbeyan’s traffic problems as we’ve all been promised.

Council’s own traffic studies prove it will worsen traffic in many critical areas.  Trucks will continue through Queanbeyan’s town centre and traffic on Monaro St (aka the Monaro Highway) will decrease by only 5%.

A recent Queanbeyan Age online poll on whether the EDE should be built shows the road project has deeply divided the community with the Yes and No votes neck and neck after several weeks.

John Barilaro, National Party MP for Monaro, claims: “First and foremost I’m the member for Monaro … I always look through the local member perspective of what is best for our community” (“Barilaro’s stance on Council amalgamations won’t impact Queanbeyan-Palerang”, Canberra Times  20/1/017).  Open your eyes and ears John.  Start listening to your constituents many of whom are white hot angry about the Queanbeyan-Palerang forced council merger and the fact that the EDE would never have been approved if we still had elected representation.

The EDE was approved by the pro-EDE Administrator appointed by the Nationals/Liberal NSW government. The Nationals are gone in Monaro (and elsewhere in NSW) at the next election unless their government reverses council mergers and major decisions made by Administrators since.

Peter Kontis
Greenleigh Residents Group

More discussion of the EDE proposal, including QPRC’s point of view.

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