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Aged-care royal commission has had a third of the coverage of banks‘ bad behaviour


It doesn’t add up “A sad and shocking system that diminishes Australia as a nation”. “Inhumane, abusive and unjustified”. “Cruel and discriminating”. After 10 months of hearings and investigations into aged care, Commissioners Lynelle Briggs and the late Richard Tracy listed the most shocking findings in their interim report on Thursday: death from septicaemia

Perinatal mental illness: what it is, and the costs


WHEN BABY MAX arrived four years ago, complete with a full head of “Elvis hair”, his parents were overjoyed. But joy quickly turned into a wave of negative emotions for his mother, Julie. “I was all alone in my hospital bed, I woke up in a puddle of sweat,” she said. “I

A flavour starter of indigenous food recipes


THE STAPLE DIET that has sustained Indigenous people for thousands of years is predominantly a plant-based diet, with Murnong or Yam Daisy at its core. 231 years ago, after the introduction of environmentally destructive livestock and farming methods, we saw the end to the abundant Yam Daisy. The roots of these dainty

Exercise is “Powerful Stuff” for women’s health


PHYSICAL ACTIVITY IS vital for keeping Australian women happy, healthy and strong. This year’s Women’s Health focus is “Women’s Health, Powerful Stuff”, and Exercise Right wants to remind Australian women that exercise is powerful stuff for their physical and mental health. “The value of exercise cannot be overstated when it comes

What do you feel like watching tonight?


RECENTLY, I HAD half an hour allotted in my evening for Netflix. I scrolled through My List, the place where you save things that look good so you can watch them later on. I scrolled through Because You Watched A Star Is Born (mostly sad Oscar-nominated dramas). I scrolled through Because You Watched

Love a mystery? Here‘s a great reality one from the Outback


PODCAST-OF-THE-WEEK: LISTEN HERE: The Mystery of the Marree Man The Australian outback is home to many mysteries, but the Marree Man has to be one of the biggest. In every sense of the word. REPORTING, PHOTOGRAPHY: James Vyver, ABC Radio National READ THE ARTICLE HERE: The Marree Man. An Outback Enigma. By James Vyver, for

Bear finds a voice — Book Week analysis


What do you see when you really look at the books on your kids’ shelf? Take a scroll through Australia’s 100 top-selling kids’ picture books of last year, as seen through the eyes of a bear on a mission. The ‘Elephant in the Room’ will be your helpful guide. READ FULL ARTICLES: • Bear

Anti-vaxxers: it’s only their business? Hardly.


The fights against infectious disease and anti-vaxxers’ fears VACCINES PREVENT a staggering two to three million deaths per year around the world, yet vocal groups in Australia and internationally continue to cast doubt on their effectiveness. Vaccine hesitancy ranks alongside climate change, pandemic flu and Ebola as one of the top ten threats

Science check on improving health with these five foods


These 5 foods are claimed to improve our health. But the amount we’d need to consume to benefit is ... a lot FOOD GIVES US the nutrients we need to survive, and we know a balanced diet contributes to good health. Beyond this, many people seek out different foods as “medicines”, hoping