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Some self-reflection


“WE TEND TO THINK animals are lower than us, but all the scientists in the world couldn’t design and operate a bumblebee’s wing. We can’t jump or run very fast, and we can’t carry vast weights like an ant can. We can’t see in the dark and we can’t fly

Colonial heritage: monarchy, class, and today’s issues


Today’s cultural dramas about class and race found a new mark with revelation from Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle about the British monarchy (did you miss it? saturation coverage worldwide). The ensuing stories dug for ideas and prejudices embedded in the imperial legacy. That legacy, which also overwhelmed

Victoria’s truth-telling commission: to move forward, we need to answer for the legacies of colonisation


LAST YEAR, the Victorian government announced it would establish a Truth and Justice process to “recognise historic wrongs and address ongoing injustices for Aboriginal Victorians”. Since then, the government has worked in partnership with the First Peoples’ Assembly to figure out how that process would operate. Today, the government and the First

Do you tick animal abuse with your cheap chicken?

The Ugly Secrets Behind the Costco Chicken An investigator went under cover and brought back disturbing video from a farm growing those famous birds. Probably like many of you, I think of Costco as an enlightened company exemplifying capitalism that works. One ranking listed it as the No. 1 company to work at in

A huge difference to people’s thermal comfort:


Experts suggest tricks for householders to minimise summer heat. SOME PARTS OF Australia are sweltering as a heatwave moves from Adelaide across to the east coast. The City of Churches is no stranger to heatwaves. In February 2017, the city experienced temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius for three consecutive days. At night, temperatures didn't drop

Living in Australia near bush? Save this.


The West Australian bushfires have reminded everyone living on peri-urban hobby blocks or otherwise near the Australian bush that the increased fire dangers with climate change stay with us.  The ABC put together this handy illustrated reminder list to keep with your bushfire  preparation file. If defending your home: you will