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Powerball jackpots to 4-pack of RATs


ONE LUCKY AUSTRALIAN could walk away with enough rapid antigen tests for a family of four, after Powerball jackpotted to two double packs of RightSign self-administered rapid nasal tests. It is the most sought after prize in the history of Powerball. Powerball spokesperson Henrietta White said there had been a huge

We calculated the impact of ‘long COVID’ as Australia opens up.


Even without Omicron, we’re worried. OVER THE PAST two years, we’ve learned COVID-19 survivors can develop a range of longer-term symptoms we now call “long COVID”. This includes people who did not have severe illness initially. Such longer-term symptoms can affect multiple systems in the body. This can result in ongoing, severe fatigue

Widespread money laundering in property locking out Australians from owning homes, Senate told

Australia now ‘destination of choice’ for flow of illicit funds, anti-corruption expert says by Christopher Knaus WEAK AND OUTDATED laws are allowing widespread money laundering in the property sector, making Australia a “destination of choice” for illicit funds and “locking many Australians out of owning their own homes”, a Senate inquiry has

Citizen science, where are the insects?


FOR MANY, CHRISTMAS means Mariah Carey songs on repeat, hot weather and flashes of green and yellow insects in our gardens. But in recent years Christmas beetle sightings appear to be dwindling. A new online study is hoping to recruit community scientists and budding entomologists to help track and count the beetles. Tanya Latty,

Colonial quarrying — sound familiar?

Dune-Warner Bros_Entertainment Inc

A FUNNY REVIEW OF 'DUNE' IF YOU POSSESS some degree of historical awareness in 2021, it is hard not to recognize the influence of extractive colonialism everywhere you look. But you’d really have to be blind not to see it in Dune, the most recent cinematic interpretation of Frank Herbert’s classic 1965

It’s that season


How to survive a venomous snakebite — from a professional who's been bitten before. "AM I GOING to die?" It's a question you ask yourself after being bitten by a venomous snake. It's a question I've asked myself once. My husband, Chris Hay, has asked himself four times. Deaths from snakebite rarely occur in Australia