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Co-existence with our wildlife, in any backyard


PEOPLE ARE SHARING off YouTube a series of delightful home videos featuring young magpies who have adopted families and individuals. Dogs also feature and there is a lot of fun with the playful magpies. The videos are said to have brought enjoyment worldwide to audiences anxious with human society and

How are power prices going up?


Labor says power prices are going up. The Coalition says they aren’t. Who’s right? “POWER PRICES ARE going up”, shadow treasurer Jim Chalmers declared last week. But according to energy minister Angus Taylor, “No one’s household power prices have gone up.” So who is right? With the cost of living at forefront of

For fans of The Crown


Tina Brown’s The Palace Papers is a delectable account of a soap opera family THOSE OF US interested in biographies of the House of Windsor have awaited Tina Brown’s The Palace Papers with much anticipation. Her 2007 book, The Diana Chronicles, was a New York Times bestseller, cementing Brown’s reputation as a

‘We need to let country do what it’s going to do’

The 4th National Indigenous Art Triennial: Ceremony is at the National Gallery of Australia until 31 July. THE CURRENT INDIGENOUS art triennial celebrates Aboriginal knowledge in ‘the heartland of whitefella sacred ground’ — Canberra. 'Ceremony' features the work of 38 artists from across Australia. The exhibition reveals how ceremony is at the intersection of Country,

If animals could speak, would we understand them?

If animals could speak-source Wikipedia

TURIN, ONCE BRIEFLY the capital of Italy, is famous today for its coffee, delectable hazelnut chocolate, Fiat cars, Juventus FC and the architectural wonder, the Mole Antonelliana. It also happens to be the city of a reportedly epiphanic moment in the life of multi-faceted German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. On January 3