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What makes a vegan-friendly wine vegan? And how’s it different to conventional wine?


CONSUMER INTEREST IN vegan wines is growing, with vegan-friendly wines showing up in many supermarkets and Google searches for “vegan wine” soaring in recent years. But what makes a vegan-friendly wine vegan? And how’s it different to conventional winemaking techniques? I’m an oenology and chemistry researcher; I’ve spent years studying wine and

Explainer: the seasonal ‘calendars’ of Indigenous Australia


Ancient stone arrangements on Wangkumarra land. Tyson Yunkaporta ON WANGKUMARRA LAND, in the corner-country near the borders of Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia, stands an ancient stone arrangement. It has been placed to the side of a huge complex, rivalling Stonehenge, featuring megaliths polished, carved and placed to

Why the volcanic eruption in Tonga was so violent, and what to expect next


THE KINGDOM OF Tonga doesn’t often attract global attention, but a violent eruption of an underwater volcano on January 15 has spread shock waves, quite literally, around half the world. The volcano is usually not much to look at. It consists of two small uninhabited islands, Hunga-Ha’apai and Hunga-Tonga, poking about

Powerball jackpots to 4-pack of RATs


ONE LUCKY AUSTRALIAN could walk away with enough rapid antigen tests for a family of four, after Powerball jackpotted to two double packs of RightSign self-administered rapid nasal tests. It is the most sought after prize in the history of Powerball. Powerball spokesperson Henrietta White said there had been a huge

We calculated the impact of ‘long COVID’ as Australia opens up.


Even without Omicron, we’re worried. OVER THE PAST two years, we’ve learned COVID-19 survivors can develop a range of longer-term symptoms we now call “long COVID”. This includes people who did not have severe illness initially. Such longer-term symptoms can affect multiple systems in the body. This can result in ongoing, severe fatigue