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Podcast-of-the-week: Vannak Prum on modern slavery


and his graphic memoir The Dead Eye and the Deep Blue Sea FARZ EDRAKI, Bulletin alumnus, along with her ABC Radio National colleague explores the extraordinary tale of Vannak Prum. Prum’s book unwraps the world of modern slave labour geared to extracting food from nature in a world of exploding human

Azaria Chamberlain: he held vital key to the case, but was ignored


Hans Brunner scientist and fighter for justice SPECIAL REPORT by Eve Kelly I FIRST MET Swiss-born Hans Brunner, a biological scientist and author at a community meeting at a local wildlife sanctuary. Brunner was refreshingly passionate about wildlife, in particular, the Southern Brown Bandicoot — a small ground-dwelling marsupial that had become

‘Bluebottle’: family and mystery


Reviewed by Linda Funnell BELINDA CASTLES NAVIGATES the dark undercurrents of a family in her new novel. Bluebottles are common on Australian beaches, their attractive hue concealing the painful poison within. Belinda Castles’ new novel (she previously won the Vogel for The River Baptists and published a historical novel, Hannah and Emil, in 2012)

Across the radar: neologism contest


ONCE AGAIN The Washington Post has published the winning submissions to its yearly neologism contest, in which readers are asked to supply alternative meanings for common words. The winners are: 1. Coffee (n): the person upon whom one coughs. 2. Flabbergasted (adj): appalled over how much weight you have gained. 3. Abdicate (v):

Exhibition: “Her Elements” and Sahaja Yoga meditation


Sunday 4 August at 10am, Fyre Gallery Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi the Founder of Sahaja Yoga has inspired this exhibition of paintings by Phillip Frankcombe. After the celebration a meditation program will be held. Join us,  All Free,  All Welcome — Tea and Goodies as well 84 Wallace Street, Braidwood _  _  _  _  _ 

The Dogs that Made Australia


THE DOGS THAT Made Australia is a meticulously well researched book by NSW author and dog behaviourist Guy Hull. Published by Harper Collins, it traces the role of dogs in Australia’s nation building. Some of the dog-assisted endeavours described are misguided long-term failures such as the development of kangaroo dog breeds

On living with animals in the present age


The Grass Library THE EDITOR HAS been kind enough to suggest I review my own book. I’m reluctant, but I’m also reluctant to lean on a friend to do it for me. I suspect authors review their own books more often than we know, under pseudonyms, but also that they tend