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Fifty shades of grey nomad – conclusion

Mavis Davis and the pious pilgrims complete the tour in Santiago de Compostela – famous for camino walkers and religious reliquaries – and nearby Spanish coast The Princess and I were still elated after the spectacle of experiencing the massive incense burner cleansing the souls of the congregation in the Cathedral

50 shades of grey nomad – part 10

Continuing the Normandy pilgrimage with Mavis Davis The tour director, FIGJAM, was not so distracted by the thought of his many paramours back home, that he could not choose excellent local tour guides. Suzanne was a wealth of knowledge about the local area and the history of some of the most

Fifty shades of grey nomad- part 9

Sombre visits to WWI memorials by Mavis Davis with ‘the Princess’ Our group of pious pilgrims again fortified themselves with a hearty buffet breakfast; secreting bread rolls, brioches and fruit into handbags and backpacks. This was just as well as we had a very poignant heart-wrenching day touring World War I sites

Fifty Shades of Grey Nomad- Part 2

International air travails (or, life wasn’t meant to be easy) Dear Diary: I guess a few little hitches on the long journey to Europe are to be expected. First, our flight connection from Rome to Budapest was postponed for 24 hours due to an Alitalia strike, leaving only four days for

Fifty Shades of Grey Nomad, we’re on our way

DEAR Diary: Embarking on a ‘pilgrimage’ tour with a group of mainly 70 and 80 somethings, is somewhat like having your first baby. It seems like a great idea at the time but in retrospect one wonders how one plunges into these things with blithe expectation that, while not plain

Fifty shades of grey nomad- part 8

Unchain my heart… Mavis Davis with ‘the Princess’ and company explore Paris The day started early with a bus trip to Toulouse airport to catch a plane to Paris. The early start took its toll on our pious group but those who didn’t slide back into slumber sat in awe watching the

Fifty shades of grey nomad- part 7

Mavis Davis and the Princess leave flooded Montpellier- onward to Lourdes hoping for a miracle Our group of pious pilgrims had been travelling together for two weeks now and it was near the end of September. Things were getting a bit tense and the cliques were well and truly formed. There was

Fifty shades of grey nomad- part 6

Further European adventures with Mavis Davis and the Princess Into France with rain of biblical proportions We had left Italy after another magnificent buffet breakfast. Again, many spare bread rolls and salami slices were secreted away into capacious handbags, to provide a snack later in the day. A very long day in the

Fifty shades of grey nomad – part 5

SAYING goodbye to magical Firenze was a wrench, (heightened by having to drag our suitcases four blocks to our bus), however this was assuaged by the promise of visiting wondrous places such as Ravenna which is famous for mosaics, more mosaics, even more stunning mosaics. Ravenna has a car-free city