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The Hannah Cabinet is going home

See it now before it leaves in May by Stan d’Argeavel After nearly 4 years on display at Bungendore Wood Works Gallery, the Hannah Cabinet will leave Bungendore in early May bound for Lismore. David Mac Laren and the staff of Bungendore Wood Works Gallery wish to pass on our sympathies to the

Antique Chat: The lure of collecting bottles

With Joyce ‘Annie’ Nordsvan Ever since living in West Ryde in the mid 1970s, where we discovered a fantastic bottle ‘dump’ in our own back yard, we have been interested in collecting bottles. There’s something about finding something from the past that fascinates people, and brings out the ‘treasure hunter’ in

Collecting Mania! Salt & Pepper Shakers

What is this collecting mania?   It’s fascinating to talk to people about what they collect, and why and how they started collecting a particular ‘thing’. I have a friend who has started collecting quirky salt and pepper shakers. He didn’t intend to start a collection. He brought his beautiful cruet in


From the Bulletin's archive ... Carnival glass easily catches the eye because of the beautiful bright colours and the lustre finish. Carnival glass is created using a mould, and has had a coating of liquid metallic salts applied after it has been taken from the mould to give the surface an iridescent lustre. The Carnival

Antique Chat: Australian pottery – the new collectable

With Joyce ‘Annie’ Nordsvan Remember the nights when a group of friends came round – you had spaghetti bolognaise and red wine stylishly served in pottery goblets. Pottery is again making a comeback as it is collectable, affordable and there is a style to suit every home. Bendigo Pottery is Australia’s oldest


From the Bulletin's archive ... As we travel to auctions, or private sales, and even in Annie’s, items we are buying or selling are described as vintage, retro, rare, Victorian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau and antique. So to make sure that I don’t mislead people I have been doing quite a