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Wildlife Moves

 Sometimes wildlife gets into the wrong place... We all know about possums in the roof and the difficulty in removing them. Over the last few months, Wildcare has been called out to capture and relocate a number of wombats that had moved into the Queanbeyan suburbs. Left alone, and after some time,

Help wildlife with water in the heatwaves

"This water barrel is at my back door – usually filled from overflow from rainwater, but now it is kept full for any passing animal like this mother and joey” –– Mark Selmes. Birdbaths, shallow dishes for ground-dwelling animals, and containers with water on platforms for possums are also lifesavers.

Swooping Season

By Farz Edraki Spring is the season for picnics, bike rides and idyllic afternoons in the sun, right? Wrong. For Australians, it’s a time to cover your bike helmet with unsightly straws and eye stickers, to carry protective sticks when outdoors, and to cower at the sight of a black-and-white blur

Do animals feel grief?

by Heike Hahner Recently a fox took my birds (one hen, nine chicks, as well as a rooster). I bought a couple of companions for the remaining chicks, but the older chooks would not move for days. My birds are free ranging and sleep in an oak tree. Following the attack, the two survivors

Wildlife suffers in fires

from Wildcare Queanbeyan It looks like the bush fire risk and extremely hot weather is going to be with us for some time. Whilst priority must be given to saving people, property and stock animals we also need to spare a thought for our native wildlife. The very hot weather affects many

Putting the fun back into dog walking

by Heike Hahner Recently, a number of people both locally and in Canberra have been getting in touch with me about experiencing difficulties with dogs being off-lead near school zones and harassing their on-lead dogs. A pleasant walk to the school with the kids and the dog can become a stressful

When it is time to say goodbye

by Heike Hahner seventeen years ago, when I was looking at a litter of pups, a tiny tri-colour Mini-Foxy X puppy climbed into my lap, curled up and went to sleep. I removed her from my lap several times and gave her to my then-husband to hold, but she would have