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Landscaping with native daisies


(Vittadinia, Leucochrysum and Calotis for those in the know) MANY OF the smaller native daisy species have a long flowering period, often with several flushes of flowers. They come in a range of colours, and a pleasing landscape can be developed from growing only daisies. In addition to their aesthetic value, daisies

Tis the season for Tea-trees

Story and images by Jo Walker, District Bulletin, December 2011 TEA-TREES are a widespread genus of Australian plants, with more than 80 species occurring in all states and territories. The genus name, Leptospermum, describes the abundant narrow seeds which are carried in woody fruit capsules. The common name, Tea-tree, refers to attempts

Try a little mint for garden colour

Story and images by Jo Walker, District Bulletin, November 2008 FOR THOSE who appreciate a splash of blue, mauve or white in their gardens at this time of year, mint-bushes would have to be one of the better choices. These eye-catching plants are in the same family (Lamiaceae) as the aromatic

Town and Country Gardening

Using vinegar as a natural weed control for pavers and driveways With the freezing weather, there is not a lot growing in the garden.  Time to tackle those annoying weeds that pop up between the pavers and on gravel driveways. And no I am not going to recommend Roundup.  That stuff worries