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260 new lots for Bungendore approved


Tralee to expand. Issues: water, greenspace, housing affordability, noise, net zero emissions APRIL 13 and 27 meetings of council saw the approval of two major housing developments in the local government area, reflecting Australia’s ongoing growing population and housing pressures. Council also decided unanimously to raise rates by 2.5% in the next

Recreation, tourism and urban greening priorities


THE COUNCIL MEETING of 23 March was interesting insofar as it demonstrated again how deeply engaged people are with leisure/lifestyle activities in their residential areas, while simultaneously aspiring to the maximum pristine, healthy and beautiful environment. Several members of the public took the time to show up and speak in favour

Bungendore High School in town park with public asset sale?


Council and NSW government disagree. RECENT DEVELOPMENTS AROUND the ongoing, divisive and controversial Bungendore High School location saga, have had the regional mainstream and social media buzzing in its aftermath. QPRC council business papers for the 27 January meeting revealed that the Department of Education had issued a Proposed Acquisition Notice (PAN)