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Controversial Queanbeyan Bypass road: contractors left high and dry


“CANBERRA AND QUEANBEYAN tradespeople say the $86 million Ellerton Drive extension has been mismanaged, after a sub-contractor spiralled into voluntary administration and left 21 local businesses nearly $395,000 out-of-pocket”, reports The Canberra Times. The debt includes almost half a million dollars owed to the Australian Taxation office. “Civil Bridge and Wharf,

Queanbeyan’s controversial new road goes to tender assessment

Despite vigorous neighbourhood protest over poor public consultation, loss of amenity and and habitat destruction along the proposed roadway through suburbs and bushland, the controversial, Ellerton-Drive Extension (EDE) project has been pushed another step towards construction. In May Queanbeyan-Palerang Council received seven tenders and six alternative proposals for the construction project.

Ten important things you need to know before breakfast

The Queanbeyan Palerang Regional Council administration has seemingly extensive rate- and taxpayer-funded resources for communicating its activities and policies. For example, the monthly newsletter landing in everyone’s mailbox, backed up by council advertising and Administrator messages in weekly publications. We noticed Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council is using a cute way of getting

Council case for EDE as road corridor clearing begins

Artist impression of EDE

BACKGROUND: The EDE has been controversial and contested by resident groups in Jerrabomberra, Karabar, Greenleigh and Googong since at least 2009 when planning began in earnest.  Issues in affected suburbs are about amenity: car and truck noise and pollution with a new road next to houses. Environmental destruction along the

Yes vote on EDE while panel gives cold shoulder to dissenters

For readers of the print issue of the Bulletin, comments from presenters are at the end of this story. Regional ratepayers now also responsible The vote on whether to go ahead with the Ellerton Drive Extension (EDE) organised by Queanbeyan Palerang Regional Council two days before the federal election, was an extraordinary

EDE impact on neighbourhoods much bigger now

Last chance for a say Claire Cooper, Greenleigh Residents Group, analyses the latest ‘species impact statement’ released by Queanbeyan Council on the effects of the Ellerton Drive Extension (EDE) road proposal. She urges her fellow citizens to comment to council before the 3 April deadline.   They say the world is run

It’s what Council doesn’t tell you that tells you the most! EDE to date

CityLIFE magazine is produced by Queanbeyan Council and distributed to all households with the council’s official point of view on matters.  In response, the following article by Peter Kontis summarises the perspective of citizens concerned about the impact and shortcomings of the proposed EDE roadway Queanbeyan Council’s CityLIFE November newsletter is