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What will they privatise next?

INCUMBENT MEMBER FOR Monaro and state National Party Leader, John Barilaro, has been dropping large bundles of cash around the electorate in a pork-barrel strategy leading up to the March 23 election. But it’s worth remembering where the dollars come from — the sale of NSW assets during the rule

Labor: Solar on half million homes; Free TAFE courses


CANDIDATE FOR MONARO Bryce Wilson has announced that if elected Labor will support half a million households to install roof-top solar over the next 10 years, with the expectation this will reduce electricity bills with cheaper, cleaner and greener energy. More policies on climate action are expected in the next

Frankie, standing for the voiceless


REPRESENTING THE ANIMAL Justice Party (AJP) is Frankie Seymour, a long-time animal activist and advocate, environmental scientist and author. She is also a long-time Queanbeyan resident. The AJP did surprisingly well in the last federal election, coming in fourth after the major parties, indicating there are many Monaro residents sympathetic

Monaro Greens: Act on Climate Change, fix National Parks


Monaro Greens: Act on Climate Change, fix National Parks REAL ACTION ON climate change and protecting National Parks as well as safeguarding biodiversity more generally are top issues for the Monaro Greens. Local government for and by the people while lessening developer and state political influence is another key goal, says Peter

FACT: Nationals drained Menindee, sent water to flooded SA


LABOR ACCUSES NATIONALS OF FAKE NEWS ON WATER MANAGEMENT THE NSW NATIONALS have been caught distributing a dishonest election pamphlet on water just six days after they were caught claiming a Nationals-run fake news website was run by independent journalists. The Nationals’ pamphlet (main image above) falsely claimed that Labor is trying to funnel

Stadium fight heats up

Bryce Wilson and Michael Daley Queanbeyan

NEW NSW OPPOSITION leader Michael Daley wasted no time before visiting the regions and stopped in Queanbeyan on a stormy Wednesday at the end of November. He was accompanied by Monaro Labor candidate Bryce Wilson. The Labor mood was equally stormy — targeted at the Berejiklian-Barilaro Government’s plans to knock down