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Diplomatic offensive for animals

From NSW Upper House to China: Mark Pearson gets the evidence and changes minds The Bulletin’s Maria Taylor recently caught up with Mark Pearson, the first NSW Legislative Council representative for the Animal Justice Party (AJP), a significant milestone for the party.  The AJP in NSW now has 3000 members and

Capital Watch: Regional joint council orgs, Kings Highway funding and the EDE

with Steve Whan Regional joint council organisations: what does not make sense here? I agree with Palerang Mayor Harrison’s opposition to a proposal from the NSW Government that councils in the region be split into two regional council organisations that exclude the ACT. Council ‘Joint Organisations’ are proposed to “give regional councils a

Losing community links for social services, your thoughts?

By Steve Whan IT'S TIME FOR a rethink about the way government contracts out social services in country communities. Over the last two decades many social and community services have been contracted out to non-government not-for-profit groups for delivery. These services include dementia packages, homeless services through to early intervention programs for

November Capital Watch with Steve Whan

Steve Whan shares personal memories of a nice bloke and Gough Whitlam’s enduring legacy for progressive politics Maddi, my 20 year old daughter, was nowhere near being born when Gough Whitlam was Prime Minister but after his death she said on Facebook “Rest in peace Gough Whitlam. Even though I

Capital Watch with Steve Whan

Another ‘blink and you missed it’ move: dismantling native vegetation laws (will affect local environment plans)  It is traditional, Nationals Members of Parliament can always find someone to blame.  Now that he doesn’t have a Federal labor government to blame, it seems Mr Barilaro has decided that everything’s my fault.  One of

December Capital Watch with Steve Whan

Health funding impacts and privatisation I attended not so long ago the annual public meeting for our local region health service. There weren’t a lot of members of the public there but it was interesting. One fact in particular caught my attention. Over the preceding year the area had experienced a