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by Maria Taylor The ACT government’s nature reserve director and advising ecologist have again demonstrated their low regard for the intelligence of the ACT public when it comes to their lethal kangaroo management approach. This may appear justified in an arena of misinformation and scientifically debatable ‘facts’ accepted by the ACT mainstream

Two Fires burn brightly to honour poet Judith Wright

“Australian poet Judith Wright once famously advised her Nobel Prize-winning friend Patrick White not to get too involved in political activism because it might damage his art” (Sian Prior, Sydney Morning Herald, 16 March.2005). Fortunately for all of us, and especially the Braidwood organisers of the biennial Two Fires Festival,

Is animal cruelty at rodeos standard practice?

Dear Editor: I was recently in Queanbeyan, staying with some friends, and I attended the Queanbeyan rodeo, just to see what it was like. I am from a rural background, though I have lived in cities most of my life. When I was growing up, Australian country folk regarded rodeos as a

Financially fit? Unfortunately not

The biggest issue facing Queanbeyan and Palerang residents  ratepayers this calendar year is the NSW government demand that councils show they are ‘fit for the future’. Preliminary reports of what a merger between Palerang and Queanbeyan would look like financially, and what each looks like alone, are not optimistic. According to

Local member goes to bat for ‘property rights’ – But zones may be over-ridden by new state policy anyway

by Maria Taylor Bungendore, 8 June  2013. In an unusual move for a state representative, Member for Monaro John Barilaro has involved himself with the Palerang draft local environment plan on behalf of ‘property rights’. In May he circulated a survey asking landholders in rural residential or rural areas whether they were satisfied