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NSW Farmers welcomes rural health push


THE STATE'S PEAK agricultural body has welcomed a move to establish a dedicated NSW Department of Rural Health. Independent state MP for Wagga Wagga Dr Joe McGirr launched a petition calling for the establishment of a Department of Rural Health in NSW on Tuesday. Sarah Thompson, a NSW Farmers member and

Local poll delayed is democracy denied — petition to Parliament


IN THE EARLY months of 2020, as the Covid-19 pandemic gathered momentum, it was a reasonable response for the NSW Electoral Commission to postpone local government elections scheduled for September. Their aim was to protect voters, Electoral Commission staff and the candidates. As the months passed however, and we began to



Against Morrison government EPBC changes, urges letters to Minister Sussan Ley Dear resident of Eden-Monaro, Thank you for contacting me to raise your concerns about the Morrison Government’s amendments to Australia’s environment law — the EPBC Act. Labor continues to oppose the Morrison Government’s environment bill, which will harm Australia’s natural environment and

Eden-Monaro election — climate emergency who will help us?

Kotvojs just quotes Coalition stats. Renewables will mean jobs. I NEARLY CHOKED on my weeties when I read Liberal candidate Fiona Kotvojs claim that  “the Government’s (climate change) strategy is working, as Australia’s emissions are falling”. Selectively quoting from the latest update of Australia’s National Greenhouse Gas Inventory, Kotvojs claims “Last year,

GetUp! outs Morrison Govt for pro coal anti-biodiversity tricks during COVID-19


Morrison is letting the fossil fuel lobby pull the strings during coronavirus. HE’S GIVEN THEM a direct line to his office — it’s called the National COVID-19 Coordination Commission (NCCC). Led by former mining CEO Neville Power and riddled with fossil fuel lobbyists1, this unelected group operates completely outside our democratic

State of dissent


THAT OLDER CANBERRANS might be engaged in Extinction Rebellion protests is unsurprising, as it merely represents another phase of developed issue awareness. For many senior Australians it will represent a continuation of an earlier involvement in university student movements, 1970–71 moratorium marches or 1971–74 Green Bans to protect areas of Sydney. Maturity

The Nationals – kill this, save that, log River Red Gums, clear natives, now jobs good, formerly cut them…


NSW AGRICULTURE MINISTER, Marshal, published a regulation encouraging landowners to regard deer as feral animals, with potential to destroy habitat and impede farming/stocking practices on private land. This regulation was introduced courtesy the Game and Feral Animal Control Act. As adorable as deer (Bambi) images may be there appears little ministerial reservation

How it really is, from a GetUp volunteer


I DON’T NORMALLY write these emails, but last Saturday, Scott Morrison came after me — after all of us. My name is Vanita. I’m 56. I migrated to Australia almost forty years ago, and I work three jobs in Western Sydney. Perhaps you saw it in the papers — in a public speech