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Queanbeyan Facebook site seeks support for EDE, attracts social media opposition, real story elsewhere: take it to council election?

Dear Editor Is this what community debate about the Ellerton Drive extension (EDE) has sunk to?  That question arose viewing the battle for ‘likes’ on the pro-EDE vs anti-EDE Facebook sites.   We’ve all heard about pages that have ‘gone viral’ because viewers have sent it onto friends who do like-wise and

Letter: Eden Monaro voters tell MP they want renewables

Since its election last year, the federal government has set out to abolish everything that has a whiff of climate change about it, beginning with what has become the crowd-funded Climate Council. It is now taking aim at the Renewable Energy Target, despite previously expressing support for it, but that

Letter: Allan Lehepuu mistaken on climate science

Dear Editor, Sadly, your correspondent Allan Lehepuu (Letters, August 2014) is mistaken. Firstly he asserts that a "pause" in warming has been recognised by leading climate scientists. This is not the case. There has been a slowing in the rate of SURFACE temperature rise, but the globe as a whole, land

Letter: Taking exception to public support for renewables

Dear Editor, Sitting in front of the computer on a snowy –2 degrees Sunday morning, looking at the roos grazing and snow blanketing the Brindebellas, Shannon's Flat, Jerangle and Tinderry Mountains I am moved to respond to your paper, The District Bulletin. This weather event was predicted by climate scientists in the

Not happy, council, Jerra takes brunt of traffic planning

Dear Editor, Queanbeyan Council, working on a transport idea more than thirty years old, is keen to divert traffic away from the main street. The idea that Ellerton Drive could divert traffic around the city centre may have been valid 40 years ago, before Jerrabomberra, Googong and South Tralee were even

Letter: Why did QCC remove Crawford St Grevillia?

On Thursday the 22nd May 2014 the healthy Grevillia sp, once growing in the Crawford St(west) beds were removed and replaced by Camellias sp. I would not have been so annoyed by this act if the plants had been diseased and or dying - but they were not. It is enough that