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Speak up! They’re counting on YOU

ACT kangaroo cull 2018

I'M SITTING HERE feeling warm and safe from the world trying to swallow dinner. But I feel sick. I feel sick because Canberra is culling kangaroos tonight (3,200 over three months) and mothers will have their joeys ripped from their pouches, unable to protect them as their heads are smashed against

Bywong Car Boot Sale a great success

By Mike Wilkins. THE WEATHER GODS spared us the worst, with just a few gusts of wind and sprays of rain until the last minutes of this year’s Car Boot Sale. The forecast might explain the lower seller turnout this year, but the buyers were as enthusiastic as ever, with a

Bungendore camp ground gathers dust

road dust

DEAR RESIDENTS of Mathews Lane, We recently had the pleasure staying at the Bungendore Showground/Camping Park, the peace and tranquillity of the area was delightful, so I can understand why you all enjoy living on the Lane. As lovely country and considerate people I implore you all to slow down at least

Centrelink fraud exposed by whistleblower

Braidwood resident’s story, plus domestic violence sufferer and others being hit Community lobby group GetUp has taken a lead in revealing the allegations of a Centrelink Whistleblower. In a letter sent to GetUp, the whistleblower has exposed a massive government fraud inflicted on tens of thousands of Australians. Dozens of cases have already been

Trump, Brexit and the lessons we didn’t hear

Living in Australia and dependent on mainstream global news reports, many of us could not imagine that Donald Trump would become the 45th President of the United States. Of course Hillary will win, we assured ourselves as the polls tightened. How could it possibly be otherwise? There was little reporting