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A lens on Indigenous life and culture: Wayne Quilliam

— Wayne Quilliam, The Guardian. IN TIME WITH the country’s ritual look at Aboriginal culture one week of the year (Naidoc) The Bulletin was delighted to see this photo feature where photographer Wayne Quilliam also explains in captions Indigenous thinking about co-existence with the country and everything in it. A culture of respect and

How Canberra tells you what to think


EVERY MAY MOTHER’S DAY or thereabouts, Canberra politicians, Labor, Green and Liberal, spoil the season by giving thumbs up to what they like to portray as an unremarkable slaughter of our national emblem in the nation’s capital. On public nature reserves, this involves shooting kangaroo families — mums and males —

Region rep Barilaro ups attack on free speech


ABC MEDIA WATCH dissects, in the link below, the recent arrest of a producer for YouTube satirist Jordan Shanks, ‘Friendlyjordies’. The alleged crime is ‘stalking’  in regard to approaching member for Monaro John Barilaro multiple times with uncomfortable or cheeky questions. Barilaro has been at the receiving end of a barrage of

Greens on QPRC commit to a plan to reach net zero emissions


What’s wrong with Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council’s Climate Change Action Plans Community Climate Change Action Plan The biggest deficiency of the Community Action Plan is that it lacks a target for either renewable energy or greenhouse gas emissions. It’s meaningless without one, particularly since QPRC’s population is set to grow by 17% over

Community must call halt on 1080 poison


1080 POISON HAS been banned by many countries around the world with very good reason and yet across NSW, our state government continues to saturate our landscapes with this hideous and cruel poison through ground baiting and aerial drops. 1080 poison kills its victims slowly and painfully. It’s a violent, merciless and abhorrent way

People power GetUp: on the 2021 budget


Want our summary of the 2021 Budget but only have a few minutes? Here’s our video explaining the big takeaways from this year's Budget to watch and share! After months of political turmoil, mass mobilisations against misogyny, botched vaccine rollouts, and election rumours, there was a lot riding on last night's Budget. So