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Captains Flat — the town too tough to die


SOMETIME IN 1962, councillor and staunch union leader Tom Kerr posted the following poem in a shop front window on the main street of Captain's Flat: The ginney wheels no longer turn,Up on yonder hill,The wheels that pulled the miner’s oreFor crushing at the mill. Now at last the mine has died,Like

From the desk of Michael West


EEKUS AUKUS, Awkward! That Fella Down Under, as Joe Biden calls him, has managed to upset the French, the Kiwis, people who don’t want nuclear submarines, the Chinese, our Asian neighbours and probably most of Europe in one fell swoop with his AUKUS public relations stunt. But Labor didn’t seem to

Retaining biodiversity on private land


THE FEDERAL AGRICULTURE Department under David Littleproud is acting on recognition that much Australian biodiversity/habitat lies on private land, farm land, and that private landholders must be engaged to stem the catastrophic level of native plant and animal removal and decline since colonial times.   Paying farmers for the costs of on-farm

Nothing good here, Australia at bottom of the pack


This is the most sobering report card yet on climate change and Earth’s future. Here’s what you need to know. EARTH HAS WARMED 1.09℃ since pre-industrial times and many changes such as sea-level rise and glacier melt are now virtually irreversible, according to the most sobering report yet by the Intergovernmental Panel

Is PM’s slippery act infectious?

Wes Mountain_The Conversation_ CC BY-ND

No action on purpose-built quarantine facilities, complacency about vaccine rollouts, and another Victorian lockdown: Is Scott Morrison’s charmed political act waning with a routine-driven media? University of Melbourne journalism researcher Dennis Muller gives us some answers in The Conversation. Scott-free no more? Why the prime minister's smooth media run may be coming to

Mother’s Day greetings from a sanctuary


At The District Bulletin we salute all Mums and value compassion for all our animal nations, wildlife and non-wildlife. So, we thought we would share with you the following seasonal newsletter from Little Oak Sanctuary south of Bungendore. Little Oak rehomes ‘farm’ animals that are on their way to execution

Google and FB laws

Michael West Media in early February has offered a good plain English explanation of what the Morrison government attempts to regulate Google and Facebook news distribution means for small publishers and businesses in Australia (not good) as distinct from what it will achieve if successful: funnelling money back to the Murdoch's media