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Libs and Nats stay true to form on climate inaction


FEW HAD HIGH hopes the latest federal budget would be a salve for Australia’s emission problem. But the papers unveiled on Tuesday by Treasurer Josh Frydenberg were dispiriting nonetheless. They also cemented this nation’s status as an international outlier on climate action. On energy, the Morrison government allocated money to upgrade

Federal MP Kristy McBain on JobKeeper cutbacks: a lose-lose move


AROUND 21,007 WORKERS and 5,528 businesses in every corner of Eden-Monaro will be worse off following JobKeeper wind back, says Member for Eden-Monaro Kristy McBain. “From Monday 28 September, cuts and changes to the JobKeeper scheme will see some local businesses and workers lose access completely, while others will have their

Electric vehicle budget impost, it’s a myth!


The Electric Vehicle Council has a new report that shows worries about electric vehicles and fuel excise tax avoidance are a furphy that masks hidden benefits to the Australian economy from switching to electric vehicles — if only Australian governments supported the move by lowering other taxes on electric. Read

Koalas over Barilaro any day


NSW PREMIER GLADYS Berejiklian will stand her ground and refuse the Nationals’ demands for an urgent cabinet meeting to debate planning policy relating to koalas. Her stance is likely to infuriate the junior Coalition partner, which has threatened to boycott a joint party room meeting next week ahead of a parliamentary

Lots of models, little monitoring: where is the MDB water?


IT MIGHT BE the biggest whodunnit — or what-dunnit — in Australia. More than 2 trillion litres of water — enough to fill Sydney Harbour four and a half times — has gone missing from our largest and most precious river system — the Murray-Darling Basin. And it’s happened in what was

Volunteers keep wildlife alive for months post fire


COVID-19 HAS CLOGGED the news and taken up just about all our interest and thoughts over the last several months. However, for many volunteers their work and minds are still heavily focused on help and care for wildlife since the ‘Black Summer’ fires (seen above). The effort by volunteer groups goes