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They are still destroying the Darling River ecology


THE DISTRICT BULLETIN with its focus on environmental and ecological news reported on the Darling River/Murray-Darling catastrophe for ecosystems and wildlife on that river that emerged in 2018–2019. Images of crying fishermen holding asphyxiated Murray Cod, and stories of communities desperately needing water along the river, riveted the nation. Export cotton

Pork Barrelling


Bushfire recovery funds in much of Eden-Monaro  have lagged disturbingly as federal local representative Kristy McBain has explained on this website and elsewhere. Not to mention the lack of adequate funding for recovery of the natural environment and wildlife. Here Elizabeth Minter for Michael West Media unpacks the political party favouritism at

Google and FB laws

Michael West Media in early February has offered a good plain English explanation of what the Morrison government attempts to regulate Google and Facebook news distribution means for small publishers and businesses in Australia (not good) as distinct from what it will achieve if successful: funnelling money back to the Murdoch's media

The vanishing Arctic


FOR THE LOCALS of Verkhoyansk, a tiny town in the far-flung reaches of Siberia, today [16 December] will be one of the last sunrises they see for the year. The town that sits 10 kilometres inside the Arctic Circle is heading into the annual polar winter — a period of perpetual

Libs and Nats stay true to form on climate inaction


FEW HAD HIGH hopes the latest federal budget would be a salve for Australia’s emission problem. But the papers unveiled on Tuesday by Treasurer Josh Frydenberg were dispiriting nonetheless. They also cemented this nation’s status as an international outlier on climate action. On energy, the Morrison government allocated money to upgrade

Federal MP Kristy McBain on JobKeeper cutbacks: a lose-lose move


AROUND 21,007 WORKERS and 5,528 businesses in every corner of Eden-Monaro will be worse off following JobKeeper wind back, says Member for Eden-Monaro Kristy McBain. “From Monday 28 September, cuts and changes to the JobKeeper scheme will see some local businesses and workers lose access completely, while others will have their

Electric vehicle budget impost, it’s a myth!


The Electric Vehicle Council has a new report that shows worries about electric vehicles and fuel excise tax avoidance are a furphy that masks hidden benefits to the Australian economy from switching to electric vehicles — if only Australian governments supported the move by lowering other taxes on electric. Read