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How Canberra tells you what to think


EVERY MAY MOTHER’S DAY or thereabouts, Canberra politicians, Labor, Green and Liberal, spoil the season by giving thumbs up to what they like to portray as an unremarkable slaughter of our national emblem in the nation’s capital. On public nature reserves, this involves shooting kangaroo families — mums and males —

Mother’s Day greetings from a sanctuary


At The District Bulletin we salute all Mums and value compassion for all our animal nations, wildlife and non-wildlife. So, we thought we would share with you the following seasonal newsletter from Little Oak Sanctuary south of Bungendore. Little Oak rehomes ‘farm’ animals that are on their way to execution

Award-winning short film: THE FIRE


World Premiere with Q+A(Weds 17 March @ 7pm) You are invited to the World Premiere of the award-winning short film THE FIRE. Produced by the creators of KANGAROO A Love-Hate Story An incredible true story of a fire tornado that ripped through a kangaroo sanctuary, burning everything in it’s path. Featuring eyewitness video taken by Wild2Free

They are still destroying the Darling River ecology


THE DISTRICT BULLETIN with its focus on environmental and ecological news reported on the Darling River/Murray-Darling catastrophe for ecosystems and wildlife on that river that emerged in 2018–2019. Images of crying fishermen holding asphyxiated Murray Cod, and stories of communities desperately needing water along the river, riveted the nation. Export cotton

Pork Barrelling


Bushfire recovery funds in much of Eden-Monaro  have lagged disturbingly as federal local representative Kristy McBain has explained on this website and elsewhere. Not to mention the lack of adequate funding for recovery of the natural environment and wildlife. Here Elizabeth Minter for Michael West Media unpacks the political party favouritism at