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Morning in Australia


WELL IT’S BEEN a long cold, dark decade for those of us who support more progressive politics and a kinder, more inclusive Australia. Seeking policies that are forward-looking with positive solutions and directions for the country, its citizenry and its very foundations anchored in the soil and with Australia’s unique

From the desk of Michael West


EEKUS AUKUS, Awkward! That Fella Down Under, as Joe Biden calls him, has managed to upset the French, the Kiwis, people who don’t want nuclear submarines, the Chinese, our Asian neighbours and probably most of Europe in one fell swoop with his AUKUS public relations stunt. But Labor didn’t seem to

NSW Native Forests: more logging, conservation downgraded

NSW logging native forests

Liberal National Coalition’s war on native species extends to new forest rules. LATER THIS YEAR the NSW Liberal-National Government will ramp up logging and exploitation under proposed changes to the rules governing logging and exploitation of NSW State forests. The proposals will revise NSW logging laws and clearly value timber over