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Panasonic joins 100% Renewable Energy pledge

While national governments fiddle as the planet burns, businesses and consumers are taking the lead to do something to dial back greenhouse gas emissions. Here’s a latest example. PANASONIC CORPORATION has joined RE100, The Climate Group’s global initiative bringing together the world’s most influential businesses committed to 100% renewable power. By 2050,

Koala-detecting dogs sniff out flaws in Australia‘s threatened species protection

IN A COUNTRY like Australia — a wealthy, economically and politically stable nation with multiple environmental laws and comparatively effective governance – the public could be forgiven for assuming that environmental laws are effective in protecting threatened species. CAPTION: Dr Romane Cristescu performing a koala survey with detection dog Maya. Marie

Snake saved from wok ring: all wildlife precious

Winter hibernation for reptiles explained By Merran Laver AS YOU MAY know, over the cold months our scaly reptilian friends go into a long sleep called ‘brumation’. They do this so that they can wait out the cold winter; their body temperature drops; and all functions slow down so that they don’t