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Video-of-the-Week: Koalas driven to drink by climate change


> VIEW VIDEO  (University of Sydney) The back-story ... 'They don't drop dead': Thirsty koalas flock to Blinky drinkers By Julie Power,  Sydney Morning Herald September 14, 2018 WHEN A BRUTAL four-day heat wave killed 25 percent of the koala population near Gunnedah, NSW, in 2009, nobody knew why. Koalas were believed not to

Video-of-the-Week: Peter FitzSimons on ABC’s The Drum


Have you wondered where the environment minister has been during the Murray-Darling basin disaster? “If a million dead fish at Menindee doesn't attract your attention as the environment minister, what does it take?” Peter FitzSimons questions where Melissa Price has been during the mass fish kill in the Murray-Darling basin. > VIEW FACEBOOK

Who ‘owned’ the Darling these past years?


River managed for export crops — too bad fish, birds, graziers, communities THE Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission was an opportunity for numerous organisations and citizens to share their concerns about the way the inland river system was being managed. Here’s a flavor of what they saw. RUBY DAVIES GREW up alongside the

Fossil-fuel chickens coming home to roost

WITH FIRES BURNING up the Tasmanian World Heritage highlands; ‘one-in-a- hundred-year’ rainfall stubbornly sticking to Townsville causing widespread flooding to homes, nearby dying reefs; unprecedented heat-waves in parts of south-eastern Australia — including right here in the capital region — the Darling River vomiting dead fish; and farmers everywhere more