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Farmers and researchers: opportunities for regional renewables


Renewables need land — and lots of it. That poses tricky questions for regional Australia RENEWABLE ENERGY CAPACITY in Australia is expected to double, or even triple, over the next 20 years. There is one oft-overlooked question in this transition: where will it all be built? Many renewable energy technologies need extensive

Why care about ALL native species? Ecosystem collapses now


Australia has adopted a comfortable view that only already ‘endangered’ wildlife or plants need our stewardship. Think koalas versus kangaroos. Even koalas are political footballs in NSW while their vital habitat disappears. Since 1788 almost no research has been done on the environmental roles of diverse wildlife that evolved with natural

The vanishing Arctic


FOR THE LOCALS of Verkhoyansk, a tiny town in the far-flung reaches of Siberia, today [16 December] will be one of the last sunrises they see for the year. The town that sits 10 kilometres inside the Arctic Circle is heading into the annual polar winter — a period of perpetual

Footballer David Pocock moves from protest to lead


TWO MONTHS after retiring from rugby, celebrated former Wallaby David Pocock has taken his first formal role in climate activism by joining the board of an anti-fossil fuel activist group, the Lock the Gate alliance. The appointment will spur conjecture Mr Pocock is eyeing a future political career — which he

Commonwealth protects Platypus, Koala, Swift Parrot, Greater Glider habitat


HUMANE SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL (HSI) has congratulated the federal government for a positive move this Christmas season as Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley announced new habitat protections. The listing of River-flat eucalypt forest on coastal floodplains of southern New South Wales and eastern Victoria as a Critically Endangered Ecological Community sees more than 20,000 highly