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Pastoral revival, the Wooleen Way

DAVID POLLARD, PASTORALIST and author of The Wooleen Way has joined a growing number of regenerative farmers including the Monaro’s Charles Massy (Call of the Reed Warbler) showing the way toward a different compact with the nature of Australia. They say it is high time if farming and grazing in this

Timetable set down for waste export ban


AUSTRALIA’S ENVIRONMENT MINISTERS have agreed to ban the export of all glass and plastic waste from July 2021. After meeting in Adelaide last week the Commonwealth, state and Territory ministers signed up to a timetable for phasing out all waste exports starting from next July. Under the agreement, glass will be banned

Turning discarded plastic into useful products


A new federally-funded plastic microfactory has opened at the University of NSW, offering an effective way to deal with waste and a good way to educate the community about recycling. THE COMMERCIAL-SCALE model developed by the UNSW Centre for Sustainable Materials Research and Technology (SMaRT) can turn discarded plastic into 3D

A superb exploration and a tragic tale: what is happening as humans change the planet

The Sixth Extinction, An Unnatural History by Elizabeth Kolbert. Bloomsbury 2014. Reviewed by Pauline Richards The Sixth Extinction is a remarkable achievement, a finely written and enthralling read.  Elizabeth Kolbert traces a single, current extinction event in the context of the history of life on Earth. Her  research was exhaustive, involving the examination

THIS WEEK: David Attenborough tells it like it is

You are the keepers of an extraordinary section of the surface of this planet, including the Barrier Reef, and what you say, what you do, really, really matters. Sir David Attenborough, internationally beloved naturalist and filmmaker, told ABC Triple J that the young people urging much stronger action on climate change for