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STOP PRESS: Endangered species? Just PR

Endangered species? Just PR The Defence Department has killed some 14,000 Eastern Grey Kangaroos on its Majura Training area since 2009, it was revealed in early September. Licenses to kill issued by the ACT Government relied on the same story as the 4 years of killing in ACT reserves: claims of saving

Dropping kangaroo numbers – is NSW distorting the count?

by Maria Taylor NSW government figures relating to the commercial kangaroo industry indicate a steady population decline over many years for the four large kangaroo species that are shot. Red, Western and Eastern Grey Kangaroos and Wallaroo/Euro numbers have shown no recovery during the last three years of ‘good’ conditions. The information is


by Maria Taylor The ACT government’s nature reserve director and advising ecologist have again demonstrated their low regard for the intelligence of the ACT public when it comes to their lethal kangaroo management approach. This may appear justified in an arena of misinformation and scientifically debatable ‘facts’ accepted by the ACT mainstream

Anatomy of a kangaroo court hearing

The controversial ACT kangaroo killing program has been based for several years on the claim by government officials and ministers, amplified by the media, that kangaroo numbers are a threat to endangered species and ecological communities.  In July, a wildlife advocacy group took the ACT to its administrative tribunal to challenge

Russia bans kangaroo meat imports …again

The Animal Justice Party (AJP) and animal protection institute Voiceless have separately announced that Russia is imposing a new ban on the importation of kangaroo meat from Australia on grounds of fraudulent and deceptive conduct. According to Mark Pearson, AJP NSW senate candidate, Yury Aleshin, Chief of the Agriculture Ministry at