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Fossil-fuel chickens coming home to roost

WITH FIRES BURNING up the Tasmanian World Heritage highlands; ‘one-in-a- hundred-year’ rainfall stubbornly sticking to Townsville causing widespread flooding to homes, nearby dying reefs; unprecedented heat-waves in parts of south-eastern Australia — including right here in the capital region — the Darling River vomiting dead fish; and farmers everywhere more

What is lost: the Menindee fish kill leaves town devastated

Badger Bates linocut

BROKEN HILL ARTIST Badger Bates (seen above, his linocut work featuring Brolgas dancing after a flood event) spoke to the ABC of the cultural devastation experienced by the traditional owners of the area losing the Lower Darling water flows. The Menindee fish kill leaves devastated town wondering if its future is


Health alert bush meat

What they don’t report about kangaroo meat for you and your pets. The ABC, SBS and other media uncritically repeat claims and promotion from the kangaroo-killing business. Yet many country folk don’t eat kangaroo because of ‘the worms’. And Indigenous people have other reasons as well. Ro Godwin provides some facts

While Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions rise

Paris December 2015 climate protest

Angus Taylor's misleading comments THE CLIMATE COUNCIL is calling on the Federal Energy Minister, Angus Taylor to stop making misleading comments about Australia meeting its Paris climate targets. Mr Taylor keeps saying Australia will meet its targets seven years ahead of schedule. He did it again on Radio National Breakfast this morning,

Good news for Christmas, we need it!

renewable feast Climate Council Australia

A feast of renewables in business THE INDEPENDENT CLIMATE Council reports that 40,000 Australian businesses have made the switch to renewable energy — among them many food and beverage producers. “Our report is a festive feast of renewables. Savvy consumers can now buy sourdough baguettes, marinated goats’ cheese, dates, avocados and chocolates

Weeds threaten to overrun pastures


St John’s Wort major outbreak in rural and reserve areas AS IF OVERNIGHT, a mass outbreak of bright yellow St John’s Wort became noticeable in December on public and private land of the capital region. Other opportunistic and invasive weeds: thistles, serrated tussock and Common Centaury amongst them, have found openings on



Maria Taylor visits two local heros of animal medicine and welfare in south-east NSW in this excerpt from her forthcoming book. THERE ARE A lot of kangaroos in my neighourhood on the fringes of the national capital. The countryside is rural residential — a mix of hobby-block farming, people who feed