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When? Who? What ?? Memory!

Big idea  with Sonja Chandler When? Who?? and what were they wearing? Our brains encode and store information and we recall it later. People used to think that individual memories were stored in a special place – a kind of filing cabinet – in the brain. Today’s neuroscientists believe that memory is more

Early life bonding, no eggz-ageration!

By Sonja Chandler As humans celebrate Mother’s Day, the Big Idea takes a look at recent research into other animal mothers. Findings highlight the intricate relationship between parents and offspring and draw attention to how we need to appreciate mothers – wherever they are! Australian Fairy Wren mothers teach chicks the secret

Mind control by gut organisms!

by Sonja Chandler Things living inside us manipulate our brains! No, it’s not the plot of a science fiction/horror movie; it’s serious scientific research and the real question is how do they do it??? This month we look at recent research into how parasites and bacteria can affect the psychology and