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Complex issues ignored with Brumby cull demands

Brumbies frolicking-Carol Hancock

Climate change retreat of snow will dwarf impact of introduced animals By Frankie Seymour — AJP candidate Monaro, (environmental scientist) UNTIL I SAW it two week ago, I was fairly agnostic about whether the damage attributed to the Brumbies in Kosciuszko National Park was real or just yet another ‘feral’-bashing beat-up. Then

Protect the Dingo, beloved totem


This is a follow-up to Susan’s informative piece on dingos last year. Herewith, more background and latest information on what is happening to this persecuted native species — a strong totem animal for many indigenous people; an important part of the natural ecosystem; and dear to most dog lovers. THE DINGO

Counting virtual kangaroos


How do they get those numbers? “  This could be the greatest wildlife swindle in scientific history…  In 2011, I reviewed government data finding that kangaroos are in serious long-term decline in New South Wales. I submitted exhaustive scientific evidence detailing critical errors in government population surveys; flaws in the harvest

The Australian Dingo: step back from persecution

dingo Tango

Our South Coast correspondent Susan Cruttenden visited some Dingoes and people who love Canis Dingo for this report on the indigenous Australian species that — since colonial introduction of introduced stock — has been demonised, shot and poisoned. The dingo in fact offers vital ecosystem services as apex predator, keeping

Us and Them — the End Game?

us and them

ABOVE: from a hunting website in Queensland a year ago. As in Queensland, the NSW government is actively calling for 'volunteers'  to shoot the wildlife – "to help the farmers" they say. Apart from basic ethical and usefulness issues, in both states there is no evidence of oversight on capacity

Trump, Brexit — have we heard the lessons?

Trump Brexit lessons

As more people in the public squares openly question the globalised, neo-liberal political economy we have inhabited for 30 years, it’s a good time to ask what we in Australia can learn from the head-whirling changes that have struck the western democracies of the US and the UK.  What went