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Graham Franklin-Brown: Electrifying conversion

"electric vehicle charge points happening around the country" Over the past few months, I have had a revelation of sorts and got religion. Oh yes, brothers and sisters, hallelujah, I have bought an electric vehicle. I am an EV-angelist, on a mission – a tree hugging, pain-in-the-butt, promoter of electric vehicle

Maria Taylor- ‘Us and them’ campaign to divide Australians:  it’s gone on since the 1990s, trumping the science

by Maria Taylor When the Attorney General George Brandis calls opponents of big mining proposals “vigilantes” and Prime Minister Tony Abbott calls them “saboteurs” or Industry Minister Ian McFarlane says the environmentalists want to destroy our economy, (as these politicians did in federal parliament in past weeks), it’s not just “

Jill McLeod- Faulty towers (err) communication

The following stories come from my own casebook but are echoed frequently around Braidwood town and district. [Ed note: familiar territory elsewhere in Palerang too]. The ability to communicate with other human beings plays a critical role in our lives. Erin Gilliam from the Department of Biological Sciences, North Dakota State