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Divestment statement | By Warwick Cathro

June 16th 2015 Organisations such as have sprung up because of failures by governments to take sufficiently strong or urgent action on climate change.  A key strategy of has been to advocate fossil fuel divestment.  We are encouraging governments, superannuation funds, companies, foundations, religious groups, non-profit organisations and individuals to eliminate

Climate of the ego | By Callum Golding

What really is climate change if not a reflection of our grandiloquent ego? Day by day, year by year we destroy our one viable, habitable planet. What possibly could be the reason for such absurdity? Certainly the decisions we make in this moment are what effectively create our tomorrow, so

Callum Golding- Golden goose

"A fool who persists in folly will become wise" -William Blake Callum Golding has an eclectic area of interest. Flowing between philosophy, activism and esoteric meandering. His pieces can be read here or the below website. Other articles ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is the label used today for a child or adult whose behaviour generally