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Coal mine that destroyed state forest gets more NSW approval


In March 2016, we (the District Bulletin) published “Special Report: The Destruction of the Leard and threat to the Pilliga concerns everyone”. This report documented the environmental vandalism and crony politics associated with the Whitehaven coal mine established in northern NSW. The following update from The Guardian about a mine expansion approval by the NSW Coalition government — the same thinking that put the mine there in the first place — can be read below, along with a link to our original story of tragic native flora and wildlife destruction for coal extraction.

‘Unfathomable’: Narrabri coalmine expansion gets final approval from NSW planning commission

Local farmers and environment groups say Whitehaven’s project will drive further climate catastrophe

A $400m coalmine expansion that would result in almost half a billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions has been conditionally approved by New South Wales planning authorities.

The NSW independent planning commission (IPC) has given final approval to Whitehaven’s expansion of its Narrabri underground coalmine in the state’s north-west.

Lisa Cox, The Guardian

MAIN IMAGE: Clockwise from top left — Grey-headed Flying Foxes, Corbens Long-eared Bat, Regent Honeyeater (©Roger Smith), Squirrel Glider, Pygmy Possum* [©Michael Dahlem*], Barking Owl*, Spotted Harrier*, Speckled Warbler*, Red-necked Wallaby, Turquoise Parrot*, Pale-headed Snake, Mardo, Spotted Tailed Quoll, Grey-crowned Babbler*, Brown Tree-creeper*, Hooded Robin*.

Originally published in The District Bulletin newspaper, March 2016.

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