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COMPLAINT: Is QBN FM just a mouthpiece for NSW farmers?


Hi Folks,

I WAS VERY concerned to hear a news broadcast [15 Sept 2020] by your syndicated Rural Communications Network relevant to the political stoush brought about by the National Party on expanded safeguards for koala habitat on private property. These are trying to help safeguard the koala which I am sure many of your listeners would applaud.

The new guidelines would require assessment and council OK when farmland has its use changed for say blueberry farms on the outskirts of northern towns or new subdivision there. Impartial experts have repeated that the new guidelines do not affect day to day farm management. It’s about new development and proposed land use change.

See this article.

BUT the rural news program you broadcast repeated as fact some factoids* being put about by the NSW farmer lobby to the effect that these rules will stop everyday farm operations.

No balancing facts there at all.

Further more, since the chief National who created a government crisis on this matter is Monaro’s John Barilaro, it smacks of political support for the local member and his self-serving activities.

So is QBN FM just a mouthpiece for NSW farmers and John Barilaro?

I hope not!

I enjoy the music as much as the next person but what I have described above is irresponsible news management. Please be more balanced, accurate and informative in the interests of the whole community you serve!

Thank you.

* A factoid is either a false statement presented as a fact, or a true but brief or trivial item of news or information. Wikipedia
ILLUSTRATION: Sue Van Homrigh, District Bulletin

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