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Corn Trail logging endangers Greater Gliders


Locals demand logging stop work order, Kelly says Monaro needs plantations

FRIENDS OF MONGARLOWE River (FMR) are demanding that the Liberal National government of NSW follow its own guidelines for logging when it comes to endangered species protection.

A member of Friends of Mongarlowe sent this image of a Greater Glider just visible in the trees, saying one of their members was in the logging ‘coupe’ and came out devastated saying “they’re even damaging rainforest now. We doubt these little treasures will have made it through.”

They are demanding a Stop Work Order from ForestryCorp NSW for native forest compartment 517 Buckenbowra State Forest above iconic Corn Trail. Two Greater Gliders have been seen in a tree hollow in this compartment. The Friends say stricter prescriptions should be applied — meaning more trees should left unlogged when a density of more than one animal per hectare is recorded.

FMR says it appears required pre-logging surveys were not compliant. If substantiated it would mean the Gliders and the forest generally is being illegally placed at risk of imminent danger. FMR has written to the Environment Protection Authority demanding immediate Stop Work orders.

Native forests worth more as carbon sinks

Meanwhile at a meet-the-candidate forum in Merimbula, Member for Eden-Monaro, Mike Kelly  said that the region required a big investment in hardwood plantations if it was to meet growing demand.  He said precious native forests are worth more as carbon sinks.

He said that E. nitens (Shining Gum) was the preferred species and that the AFPA (Australian Forest Products Association) had estimated 250,000 ha of land in Eden Monaro was available for establishment of plantations.

Plantations currently supply 40% of the Eden chip mill’s requirements. Dr Kelly said he would prefer to see logging scaled back in our native forests and these maintained as carbon sinks or stores.

Community support has been heartening say the Friends of the Greater Glider — and might be noted in this pre-state election period.

MAIN: Greater Gliders in Victorian forests are also losing habitat due to logging.
Source @VICWOTCH Facebook page.

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