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Counting Virtual Kangaroos, questions asked …

… of NSW Department of Primary Industries and NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service — still awaiting answers

What measures do you at National Parks (NP) as the state guardians of the wildlife/protected native species employ to:

  • Determine actual need to shoot kangaroos.
    What needs to be specified and what species are targeted?
    Can a person simply say: I don’t like them; OR they eat my garden plants; OR they compete with my horses on a small block (unfortunately that was their former home range); OR the neighbours shot or fenced and they are all over at my property now.
  • How do you determine whether ‘kangaroos’ in the landholders’ minds might also include NSW species of wallabies?
  • How do you monitor overall what the landholder and his shooter are targeting; and whether this includes other native grazers including wombats or emus?
  • As the responsible agency what measures is NP employing to ensure safe shooting in regard to neighbours?
    As we know bullets can travel three kilometers, particularly relevant to small blocks.
  • What measures is NP employing to monitor whether shooters know and adhere to the Code of Practice for humane shooting apart from being advised to read a PDF. (See related additional question below.)
  • What monitoring have you put in place to check on injured animals, and assure the welfare of dependent joeys?
  • Who determined the arbitrary numbers of animals you are allowing to be shot per property?
    And how does this synchronise with any understanding of population biology, mob structure, movement across properties, ie any ecological and specific landscape understanding?
  • Why is this necessary when NSW already has blanket coverage with commercial zones?


I am aware of the DPI website recruiting recreational shooters to come to rural properties and ‘help out’.

  • Are the volunteer shooters vetted for competence, accuracy and shooting skills in general?
    If so, how is that vetting done?
  • Who checks whether the volunteers even have a valid gun license?
  • I notice the DPI website suggests merely that people volunteering for this program read a PDF about the Code of Practice.
    How is adherence to the code monitored?
  • Who investigates complaints about cruelty/welfare or other shooting issues?
  • Are neighbours informed that this is going on?
    What recourse do neighbours have if they have concerns or don’t want their neighbourhood kangaroos shot?
  • Was there any wider community consultation undertaken before the Minister for Primary Industries embarked on this program?
  • Can you supply any figures on what the take-up of this program has been to date?
    Number of volunteers and number of landholders wishing to use them?


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