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Drawing in Place

Old Man by Sally Simpson, detail. Charcoal and pastel, 57 x 42cm.

One local place, three views

From Suki and Hugh Gallery, Bungendore

Morning Light by Kim Mahood. Pastel, 57 x 42cm.
Morning Light by Kim Mahood. Pastel, 57 x 42cm.

MAKING WORK that is integral to the daily experience of living in a particular place, with its pleasures and responsibilities and challenges, is a theme that links the art practices of Wamboin-based artists Sally Simpson, David Suckling and Kim Mahood.

The three artists are opening a new exhibition Drawing in Place at Suki & Hugh Gallery on Saturday 24 March, 2018.

The joint purchase, seven years ago, of 20 acres of land on the outskirts of Canberra, has provided the artists with both the space to work and the living environment to inform and enrich that work.

Drawing in Place is an homage to shared values, working practices, and the daily awareness of how and where we live. Each artist brings their unique viewpoint to the project with Sally Simpson focusing on the local mob of kangaroos that inhabit their land.

Sally’s drawings in charcoal and pastel are beautiful and striking portraits of the animals. She depicts them as strong and engaged fellow residents who, she says, assert their own individual personalities.

Kim Mahood examines the movement of light across the property and expertly illustrates this in a series of pastel drawings. With titles such as Wamboin Skyline, Morning Light and Wind Across the Paddocks, the works express an ever-changing subject.

Dead Parrot #6 by David Suckling. Charcoal and pastel, 57 x 42cm.
Dead Parrot #6 by David Suckling. Charcoal and pastel, 57 x 42cm.


David Suckling has chosen to show the transient nature of life in the bush through a series of charcoal and pastel drawings of dead native birds. His vigorous use of charcoal resembles the aftermath of bushfire affected land.

Kim Mahood is an artist and writer whose art practice explores the interface between Aboriginal and western representations of landscape/country. Her work is held in state, Territory and National collections, including CMAG, Qld Art Gallery and Parliament House.

Sally Simpson is a sculptor whose work addresses the impact humans have on the land, and how those relationships continue to adapt and evolve. She has been a finalist in many major exhibitions, including the Blake Prize, Fishers Ghost and the Deakin Prize for Small Sculpture.

David Suckling is a sculptor, ceramic artist and designer whose work draws on the tensions and balances between the natural and the industrial world. David’s business Greybox Design handcrafts copper vessels which are available in galleries and homeware shops throughout Australia

The exhibition will run at Suki & Hugh Gallery
from 24 March – 6 May 2018.

ABOVE: Old Man (detail) by Sally Simpson. Charcoal and pastel, 57 x 42cm.


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