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Economy not working for all: what we want

Eden Monaro Mike Kelly MP

Prioritise schools, hospitals. TAFE, Australian workers, clean energy target, early childhood.

EVERYWHERE I GO in Eden-Monaro, people tell me that the economy isn’t working for everyday people.

The Liberal and National Federal Government has descended into chaos, and while they’re busy fighting themselves, the community suffers from the cost of living going up while wages aren’t.

Labor wants to get our country’s priorities back on track by properly funding our schools and hospitals, and creating real opportunities for apprentices and working people.

Labor has a plan to build a fairer Australia, in Government we will:

  • Fix our schools and hospitals. Restore funding cut by the Liberals and Nationals, to ensure every community has quality public schools and hospitals.
  • Ease pressure on family budgets. End the Medicare freeze and give tax breaks to workers, not the top end of town.
  • Stand up for workers. Reverse cuts to penalty rates and crack down on abuse of labour hire and 457 visas.
  • Invest in cheaper, cleaner Deliver 50% of power from renewables by 2030.
  • Build a strong economy that works for all. Make the top end of town pay their fair share.

Some of the specific commitments I am particularly proud of include Labor’s commitment to an extra $14 billion for public schools to deliver the biggest school investment in Australian history. Parents and teachers can find out how much extra funding their local public school will get and what a difference this will make for their kids at a new website —

Labor has also announced that we will fund access to 15 hours of subsidised early education for every three- and four-year-old. For the first time, every Australian child will have access to quality, two-year preschool program to support the most important years of a child’s development.

And a future Labor Government will scrap upfront fees for 100,000 TAFE students who choose to learn the skills that Australia needs. Many trades face skills shortages — from carpenters to bricklayers to bakers to pastry cooks. Despite high unemployment in some areas, workers can’t learn the skills that industries are crying out for.

Labor’s policy to scrap upfront fees will make it easier for Australians to gain the skills they need to get a trade, a traineeship and a quality job — and make it easier for businesses to fill skills shortages.

Our Labor team is working hard on our plan for a fair go for you and your family, and a fair go for Eden-Monaro.

Mike Kelly, Member for Eden-Monaro

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