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Eden-Monaro’s Kristy McBain reflects: Labor on climate targets; farming; and vaccine rollout

Recently our federal representative sat down with ABC News TV interviewer Patricia Karvelas [PK] talking about net-zero emissions by 2050 and the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine.

PK: Kristy McBain [KMc], taking agriculture out of the target like New Zealand, do you think that would be a reasonable approach?

KMc: Look it’s reasonable to have the discussion and that’s what we’re doing in the Labor Party — having discussions over it.

It’s clear that there’s a split in the Liberal and National parties over this. And there has been for some time.

Right across the Eden-Monaro electorate, we’ve got a whole bunch of agriculture, we’ve got on farm and ocean farming, and I can tell you that farmers stand ready to make some changes, they want to see more investment in the CSIRO, they want to know what the future of farming is.

They’ve had to change practices over and over and over again, to deal with the things that are being thrown at them.

So farmers are ready to play their part in this, the National Farmers’ Federation has committed to Net-zero by 2050. So I think that there is a discussion to be had.

It’s not about ceasing anything. It’s about what we do now and what we do differently. That’s the important discussion we should be having.

PK: Kristy, do you support the rollout of the vaccination certificates? The idea of being able to get a special certificate to travel?

KMc: Yeah, I think it’s really important. I mean, so much of Eden-Monaro relies on tourism and our local communities need some certainty, so I am very much behind the idea and behind the rollout and when it is my turn and I know I’m not at the front of the queue, I’ll definitely take my jab to make sure that our local economies and our local communities can continue to function. 


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