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Far from live export and other animal nightmares

Little Oak Sanctuary

LITTLE OAK SANCTUARY is a not-for-profit, registered charity that offers sanctuary to animals in need while promoting compassion for all animals through education and cruelty-free living.

We started in 2013 on a 20-acre property in Bywong, inspired to share the stories of individual farmed animals in the hope of making connections in hearts and minds. We originally moved to Bywong as a tree-change — we didn’t have a plan to create a sanctuary for farmed animals, so it wasn’t very long before we realized we would need to move to a larger, more sustainable property.

We found a wonderful property of 230 acres between Bungendore and Braidwood, and moved the sanctuary there in 2015. Through the purchase of some additional bush land the property is now 280+ acres.

We are home to over 150 farmed animals from backgrounds such as hoarding, animal research, abuse, neglect and abandonment. Whilst there is a limit to the number of individual animals we can rescue, our advocacy has the capacity to save thousands more.

Climate Change is real and provides an ongoing challenge to our work, but at the same time it highlights the urgency for us all to embrace change. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction; ocean dead zones; water pollution and habitat destruction.

Our work aims to educate the public about the impact farmed animals are having on the planet. Our current property has several informal wildlife reserve sections where, once resources allow, we plan to expand our work into some wildlife rehabilitation work with the aim of highlighting the connection between farmed animals and the wildlife who are impacted by them.

With all of this in mind, we are constantly seeking ways to improve our sustainability, and are currently running a major fundraising campaign that will help us improve our resilience.

Our region is currently experiencing drought, and like others in the area we are faced with the immediate need of meeting additional feed costs.

Whilst part of our campaign is to cover the cost of this increased feed requirement, we are also aiming to fund additional fences that will make more of our land useable and implement some improvements to our pastures that will increase its resilience.

Through these measures our need to buy in feed (which places a strain on the environment) will be reduced on an ongoing basis. Through our last years campaign we were able to install additional water tanks to capture this vital resource, and we are now also seeking to move to an off grid solar system to power our education centre and lighting for stables that house vulnerable animals.

Our campaign is off to a wonderful start, and we’ve reached over 10% of our goal in the first few days! People can contribute to our campaign or view more of our work here.

— Kate Luke

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