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Federal MP Kristy McBain on JobKeeper cutbacks: a lose-lose move


AROUND 21,007 WORKERS and 5,528 businesses in every corner of Eden-Monaro will be worse off following JobKeeper wind back, says Member for Eden-Monaro Kristy McBain.

“From Monday 28 September, cuts and changes to the JobKeeper scheme will see some local businesses and workers lose access completely, while others will have their payments slashed by between $300 and $750 per fortnight.

“That’s a hit to the Eden-Monaro economy worth millions of dollars. Less money circulating in our local economy hurts us all and comes at a time when we are still weighed down by the impacts of drought, bushfires and floods.

“JobKeeper has provided a lifeline to so many businesses and families across Eden-Monaro. The early withdrawal of support is a blow many will struggle to cope with.

“We run the risk of this recession being deeper and the unemployment queues growing longer now that this support has been weakened.

“Targeted financial support is one thing, but our community is also waiting for a comprehensive jobs and recovery plan that sets us up for renewal.

“Local leaders are off and running making their own plans. Next week’s budget is the Morrison Government’s next opportunity to show innovation and leadership, let’s hope it recognises that chance.

“Local chambers of commerce are coming up with a range of ideas — everything from holiday vouchers to regional tax concessions for new or relocating businesses.

“It makes no sense for Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg to strip vital support from the economy without a comprehensive jobs plan to replace it.

“Eden-Monaro deserves a plan that sets us all up for a better, stronger future.”

IMAGE: Kristy McBain MP, facebook.

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