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Game-changing renewables industry PLUS jobs for NSW


Bryce Wilson Labor candidate for Monaro post 28 February:

NSW Labor is unveiling much-needed and change-oriented policy promises for all sectors from health and education to energy and transport and country care. A massive shift on the environmental front — that affects everyone — is Labor’s promised transition to a renewables-based energy sector within a decade or two. (Here is a summary compiled by Graham Franklin-Brown and from other sources.)

IN THE NEXT decade, NSW Labor promises to deliver 7 gigawatts (GW) of large-scale renewable energy that can power three million homes. Output has been compared to nine existing fossil fuel plants — many of which will be retired due to old age by 2030. This is hoped to create over 13,000 jobs and unlock investment in the renewables sector.

50% of state’s energy needs
from renewables by 2020

Plans for Snowy Hydro2 supported by federal Labor will add more renewable capacity and jobs.

NSW Labor proposes to set up a state-owned renewable energy company that will oversee supply of 1 GW of those 7 GW with the rest supplied by the private sector.

Additionally, support will be offered for roof-top solar installation to over 500,000 NSW households with a $2,200 per house rebate, while attracting $9.5b of investment and $5b of flow-on benefits to regional NSW.

Labor has committed to providing local skills training for solar electricians and ensuring that there will be no further privatisation of the NSW energy market.

It can be done, and quickly when the will is there

On 28 February, NSW Labor Opposition leader Michael Daley outlined a plan for lowering the state’s greenhouse gas emissions and tackling climate change impacts that includes the above responses and more detail on targets. He pledged:

“A Daley Labor-Government will put climate change at the centre of its decision making.

“Currently, NSW obtains less than 13 percent of its energy from renewable sources. The Liberals and Nationals have failed, for eight years, to develop a plan to fight climate change.”

Zero net emissions by 2050

Here is how the Smart Energy Council summed it up, saying: “New South Wales will go from follower to leader if these policies are implemented”.

  • Deliver at least 50% renewables by 2020;
  • Ensure that all of the NSW Government’s electricity comes from renewable energy sources by 2025;
  • Hold a Climate Change Summit and introduce a Climate Change Act into Parliament;
  • Deliver zero net emissions by 2050.

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