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GetUp! outs Morrison Govt for pro coal anti-biodiversity tricks during COVID-19


Morrison is letting the fossil fuel lobby pull the strings during coronavirus.

HE’S GIVEN THEM a direct line to his office — it’s called the National COVID-19 Coordination Commission (NCCC).

Led by former mining CEO Neville Power and riddled with fossil fuel lobbyists1, this unelected group operates completely outside our democratic processes, with:

❌ No oversight.
❌ No obligation to disclose who they’re meeting with.
❌ No transparency of the decisions they advise on.

With the media distracted, Morrison thinks he can get away with letting his mates in the fossil fuel industry set the agenda during this health crisis.

A massive public outcry will create a media storm, and force Morrison to rethink — but we need to act quickly before they make decisions about the future of this country that can’t be undone.

✍️  SIGN: We need proper oversight of the National Covid Coordination Commission!

It‘s clear this commission is more concerned with protecting fossil fuels than people during this health crisis.

As just one example, they’ve recommended the controversial Narrabri coal seam gas project as something that would kickstart the economy, despite it being months away from approval and of no economic benefit.2

What’s worse, the rest of the fossil fuel lobby are using their mates in the NCCC to fast-track their climate-wrecking requests. They’ve already registered 38 requests for tax cuts, fast-tracked project assessments, and slashed environmental regulations.3

With no transparency over how the NCCC operates, the fossil fuel lobby and big business are operating behind closed doors — orchestrating meetings in secret and quietly pushing through regulations before we have a chance to call them out.

✍️  Morrison: No more secret decision-making during coronavirus.

To lift us out of this health and economic crisis we need solutions that prioritise workers, and a clean energy transition — not climate-denying ideology.

This crisis has hurt all of us. We need to make sure the society we rebuild isn’t a “snapback” to the way things were — but a better and more resilient world for all of us.

And the first step to stopping dodgy decision-making is being able to call it out when it happens.

Can you demand transparency?

In determination,
Ed, Tessa, Charlie Rafi and Oliver — for the GetUp team

[1] Nev Power to head new national coronavirus commission, Canberra Times, 25 March 2020.
[2] Why is the Covid commission backing a fertiliser plant as its top recovery project?, The Guardian, 13 May 2020.
[3] Fossil Fuel Watch,

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