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Good news for Christmas, we need it!

renewable feast Climate Council Australia

A feast of renewables in business

THE INDEPENDENT CLIMATE Council reports that 40,000 Australian businesses have made the switch to renewable energy — among them many food and beverage producers.

“Our report is a festive feast of renewables. Savvy consumers can now buy sourdough baguettes, marinated goats’ cheese, dates, avocados and chocolates knowing they have been produced with renewable energy. There are also plenty of breweries and wineries making the switch to wind and solar,” said Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie.

Want to lower power bills?
Farms, breweries, bakeries, many food producers, show how

In South Australia, Sundrop Farms is producing thousands of tonnes of truss tomatoes each year with solar thermal energy and sea water. It is the first commercial-scale facility of its kind in the world.

In Sydney, the commercial bakery, Bakers Maison, is now run entirely on solar power thanks to the local community where 20 investors contributed almost $400,000.

Australia’s biggest brewer, Carlton and United, is making the switch to 100% renewable energy, alongside more than 150 global corporations, as part of an international renewable energy program.

Report Key Findings:

  • More than 40,000 Australian businesses have installed commercial social systems, substantially reducing their power bills and helping address climate change.
  • Australians can use their purchasing power to support renewable powered businesses and, in doing so, enjoy a climate-conscious festive season.
  • It is vital that Australian businesses continue to lead on the transition to renewable energy, particularly in the absence of credible national climate and energy policy.

“The solutions are here now and it is wonderful to think that in the lead up to the holidays, Australian families can use their purchasing power to help tackle climate change,” said Ms McKenzie.

> View / download full report: A Renewable Feast

IMAGERY: Sourced from A Renewable Feast. Published by Climate Council of Australia Ltd. Authors Professor Andrew Stock, Greg Bourne, Petra Stock and Brianna Hudson.

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