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Growing support for different approach to Queanbeyan’s traffic congestion

There is growing support in Queanbeyan for abandoning the Ellerton Drive Extension (EDE), in favour of developing a comprehensive regional approach to meet the community’s transport needs. As part of the consultation on the proposed EDE, residents from across the city this week lodged with Queanbeyan City Council:

A petition of 855 signatures calling for a halt to the EDE process and development of a sustainable transport strategy for Queanbeyan, and

–      Results of an online survey that drew 141 respondents, most of whom (86%) supported a comprehensive regional transport strategy being developed before council makes a decision about building the EDE.

The signatures were collected online and through extensive doorknocking across Queanbeyan City during January and February by volunteers from the Queanbeyan Conservation Alliance (QCA) and the Jerrabomberra Residents’ Association (JRA), including people living in areas that would be directly affected by the EDE if the road is built.

The survey was conducted over two weeks in January and February. Around half of all respondents made detailed additional comments in responses to questions, indicating the strength of feeling about the proposed road.

* Support for the petition and results of the survey show that more people are coming to understand the problems with the EDE, the community groups said.

* As more people focus on what the EDE involves and how it would affect traffic congestion, neighbourhoods, the local environment and city finances, they see that it won’t solve Queanbeyan’s transport problems.

* A different approach is needed, involving a higher quality of planning, giving far more attention to alternatives to the EDE, transparency about cost-effectiveness of different options, more genuine consultation with the community and greater sensitivity to adverse effects on people and the local

* Instead of pressing on with the EDE, Queanbeyan City Council needs to work  with the NSW, ACT and federal governments and the community to develop a comprehensive regional transport strategy that includes more effective road options and improved public transport services.

A copy of the survey report is available at


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