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How are Australians eating healthier while living busier?


FOR THE AVERAGE Aussie, life is bustling with family commitments, a heavy workload and a hectic schedule; it’s all too easy for them to fall into the trap of eating mindlessly. Drinking too much coffee, eating multiple donuts at work, impulsively buying chips and chocolate bars from the supermarket because they’re on sale — all these things contribute to overeating, increased stress levels and poor health overall.

When we’re busy, it’s even more important to take care of our mind and body by consuming a healthy diet. This is why more Aussies have explored services that deliver pre-portioned ingredients for simple and wholesome HelloFresh recipes directly to their front doors.

So, what else are Australians doing in order to keep up a healthy diet as their lives get more chaotic?

Eating mindfully

When people eat mindlessly — such as whilst texting on their phone or ruminating over an argument they had earlier — they tend to overeat. They also tend to enjoy their food less and are less aware of the flavours and textures that they are experiencing.

By eating mindfully — that is, by paying attention and completely focusing on the experience of eating without distractions — Aussies are enjoying their food more and noticing how their bodies react to it. People are generally more likely to notice when they’re full, or if a food is making them feel uncomfortable or energised.

Starting the day with a healthy breakfast

Everyone’s heard the mantra about the health benefits that come with consuming a nutritious breakfast — boosted metabolism, extra energy and a lower inclination to snack throughout the day. However, many Aussies still struggle to find time to prepare these meals every morning.

But making brekky doesn’t have to be a challenge; Australians are discovering options like green smoothies, yogurt, oats and the humble avocado spread over toast, each only taking a few minutes to prepare.


Refusing to buy junk food (or keeping it in the house)

One of the most effective, and simple, ways Aussies are improving the quality of their diets is to simply say “no” to junk food temptations they are constantly surrounded by. There doesn’t seem to be any magic trick here, people are just more aware of the negative impact even a ‘moderate’ consumption of these foods can have on them.

Preparing healthier snacks to bring to work

Increasingly, Aussies are opting for a nutritious alternative to the junk food they’re used to eating to fuel themselves through the work day. People are satisfying their cravings without the extra kilojoules by swapping milk chocolate for dark chocolate (ideally above 70–90% cocoa); lollies for dried or raw fruits; and potato chips for kale chips. Others are stocking up on convenient, nutritious snacks like hummus and crackers (or carrot sticks) at home and in the office.

Making the most of frozen foods

Frozen ingredients such as mixed veggies, quinoa and berries are becoming staple items in the busy Australian’s life. People are saving themselves the time that they would normally be spending preparing vegetables and are simply pouring frozen mixed veggies into a fry pan and combining with sauce, meat and pasta for an easy Bolognese dinner. Frozen veggies have also been found to be higher in antioxidants than fresh produce.

Staying hydrated

Dehydration makes everyone cranky, irritable, and fatigued. It can wreak havoc on people’s overall health when it goes on for extended periods. Healthy Aussies are making sure they stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids – it is recommended that we consume around two litres of water a day. People are also discovering that tea is a great way to stay hydrated with the added benefit of antioxidants (it’s an urban myth that tea causes dehydration).

Preparing batches of food in advance

After a long day at work, many Aussies find that cooking dinner from scratch is one of the last things they want to do. Now, people are saving themselves the trouble and cooking large amount of food in advance. This means people are choosing 2–4 dinners they want to eat each week and then preparing them on the weekends. They store their meals in airtight containers and place them in the freezer. Then, when they’re ready to eat, they defrost and enjoy. This method has proved a big help for busy people.

Keeping things simple

Eating well shouldn’t be difficult and Australians are trying to keep things simple by sticking to wholesome, straightforward meals. People are avoiding overly-robust or unnecessarily complicated recipes. Things like stir fries, pastas, salads and wraps are all easy to make while ticking the healthy box. More and more, Aussies are sticking to basic, nutritious ingredients that ensure they’re getting all they need from each of the different food groups. Also, people are consuming food products like salt in moderation in order to achieve a greater nutritional balance.

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