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How long is our lockdown?


IF, LIKE ME, you live ‘from Canberra to the coast’ (or somewhere around the capital or along the coast), and you feel like the forgotten people in regard to COVID and lockdown information: How much longer? may come to mind. 

It’s still pretty fuzzy how long our LGA(s) will be locked down after the most recent COVID case is identified: Is it for two weeks from identification of most recent case, and the clock starts again after every identified case?

Being next to Canberra, with the continuing traffic to and fro, it’s even harder to predict. At this rate we are likely to reach state-wide 70% double-jab vaccination rate first, with promised release thereafter.

Here is one port of call to find out what is happening.

You can check the media release category at Southern NSW Local Health District  for the most recent case identification numbers in QPRC and neighbouring LGAs — Eurobodalla (including Bateman’s Bay to Narooma, and Snowy Monaro, Cooma). The health website is also a good start for vaccination clinic information and other COVID-related matters.

When this was written [Friday 24 September], the Southern NSW Local Health District advised six venues of concern in QPRC over the past week. Four in Queanbeyan; one in Bungendore; one in Braidwood also noting locations in Batehaven and Yass.

Two new cases in Queanbeyan (and one the day before), one in Bateman’s Bay and one in Yass. All linked to previous cases. Venues of concern will continue to be posted.

Great I thought, there goes another two weeks of lockdown. But don’t take my word for it. Maybe follow up timing with the health district; the local council or the office of our local Member and NSW Deputy Premier (and supposedly the man who channels the thinking of all country people and regional NSW). 

Stay well and get vaccinated if not already: Good for health and mobility release!

IMAGE: Ronnie Chua, Dreamstime.


After this story was posted, we received the following unnerving report from a Queanbeyan resident who preferred not to be named or too specific on locations:

“Yesterday I got a call from a bloke who owns [a local allied health store] about a COVID positive case ahead of me when I visited last Friday. He said I had to get tested and then again at five days (which happens to be today). And I have to stay at home until the test results arrive.

“No-one from NSW Health has called me and the store site was only listed online today. The same online site says someone should call you from NSW Health within 48 hours.

“I went back to the hospital testing clinic today, 24 hours after the first test, to find the clinic had closed early. I told them yesterday the circumstances which caused me to be there but no-one bothered to note I had to return and no-one bothered to call me to tell me the clinic would be closing at 1pm, so would I like to come in before then. It is a shemozzle.”

On the brighter side, a friend in Jindabyne was super grateful for the NSW health link (above) to find out case numbers and locations. She said it had been a nightmare hunting around for that information.

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