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Hunting dogs on loose cause carnage

Letter to editor

Late on Monday 27 February two dogs were heard and seen chasing and attacking a wild pig over more than an hour in the bush terrain behind the end of Kiah Road. This area runs from properties off Little Burra Road to those off Candy Road.

While no one has sympathy for wild pigs, the dogs were clearly hunting and had the pig terrified, exhausted and injured. Its squeals could be clearly heard over a large area over a long time. Eventually the dogs and pig emerged from the scrub, which is almost impenetrable in many places due to thick tea tree, on to the area near our house on Kiah Road.

Our neighbour was able to shoot the pig but the dogs ran away. They were small/medium sized, black with collars and tags. They had savaged the pig.

Firstly, people in our area should be aware two hunting dogs were on the loose and next time it might be stock or other animals that are attacked. Secondly, the owner of the dogs should be aware they could have been shot and may be shot if they roam again.

Sent by the Burra Intermittent

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