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Introducing: Independents for Climate Action Now (ICAN) for Senate


I WOULD LIKE to introduce myself and the new political party, Independents for Climate Action Now or ICAN. Our party was formed to deliver effective, scientific, evidence-based policy to deal with the climate emergency at a local and global level.

Restoring a safe climate must be our number one issue. We have candidates running in Victoria and Queensland as well as in NSW.

The NSW team is made up of the humanitarian Fr Rod Bower of the Gosford Anglican church, Jim Tait, leader of the party and environmental scientist, and myself, Annette Schneider, a farmer, author, artist and climate activist from Burra Creek in Palerang.

Addressing climate disruption leads to jobs and new industries

From very different backgrounds we have come together as independents to focus on swift political action regarding climate. Addressing the climate emergency can create jobs, build resilient communities and create new industries. Australia is the world’s biggest exporter of coal and gas so if we continue to ignore our own nation’s impact it may be lethal for most complex life on Earth.

It has distressed me watching science deniers in charge of our governments and their selfish, negligent environmental management, so I decided to act through mainstream politics as well as protest. The World’s top scientists are warning us that we are running out of time for decisive climate action. Gradualism is the new climate science denial and also denies the near term inevitability of global economic collapse.

My partner, Kate and I have lived in Burra for more than 30 years, running a horse business and raising our two children. I have always felt privileged to live in such a beautiful environment and friendly community. You may know our family from our involvement with the horse riding and art scenes. I studied History and Philosophy of Science at UNSW; I have a Masters Degree in Digital Art from ANU; but I spend most of my energy caring for animals and people.

I am standing on my record of activism, of fighting for equality and the climate.

*  I will focus on climate action.

* I support locally built renewable energy sources and innovation.

* I reject consumerism. I support recycling, sustainable agriculture and reafforestation.

* I am against the use of nuclear weapons or energy.

* I support the autonomous authority of Aboriginal Australians and their quest for Makarrata.

* I support a federal ICAC.

* I will give 40% of my parliamentary salary to pay the fines of those charged with non-violent civil disobedience against the fossil fuel industry or for climate education.

* If the Adani or Shenhua trains ever get going, I intend to go and stop one.

If you would like to keep up with my campaign, I have a Facebook page, “Annette Schneider for Senate”.

IMAGE: Annette Schneider, along with Flac, outside the Whitehaven mine gate. (© District Bulletin March 2016, p9.)

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