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Introducing the Greens candidate in his own words

Pat McGinlay Eden-Monaro Greens


“To protect our ecological systems
we need honest, ethical and smart decisions”

Hi, I’m Pat McGinlay.

I’m running as a candidate for The Greens because I firmly believe that Australians are at a crossroads in our political, and social lives, and if we are to protect our ecological systems, honest, ethical and smart decisions have to be made now. Together, we can ensure that we ALL have a sustainable, productive and fair future.

I live in this large electorate, which lucky for us all, comprise of some of the most wonderful and variable landscapes and worthy communities in our country.

I have had many years’ experience in a variety of different work environments. I have worked across all three spheres of government (federal, state and local) in management or specialist positions; I have worked in the private sector as a sub-contractor and employee, and for several years successfully ran my own business as a consultant in learning and development in the workforce.

I am also currently a Shire Councilor with Eurobodalla Shire Council.

All I ask is that voters consider shaking off their conditioned habits and really look at — and think about — the issues facing us all, and vote accordingly.

There used to be an argument that The Greens cannot win in a regional/country seat, therefore it is a wasted vote. This is simply a fallacy.  The more number 1 votes The Greens get, the greater their influence on the government of the day, whichever old entrenched party that may be. Now — more than ever — we all need that influence on many issues, but particularly on the following:

Together, we can among many things:

  1. Continue, as The Greens have been doing for decades, to seriously tackle climate change by moving from fossil fuel sources to a renewable energy focused economy. Science-based analysis indicates concerted action is required NOW.
  2. Ensure that no-one in our country is homeless.
  3. Provide World class free education from early childhood through to university and TAFE.
  4. Adequately fund regional hospitals, public transport and social services.
  5. Protect our natural forests from destructive logging and find alternative employment for those in the industry.

I will maintain authenticity in representing our community and the values indicated in this brief communication and hold the old established parties to account. Together we can create a fairer and cleaner future for all.

IMAGE: Author supplied.

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