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It’s been too long with the National Party writing NSW environmental policy.

Over 500 rallied for our wildlife in Martin Place


by Stand up for Nature conservation alliance

25 October:  Last week, the concrete jungle of Martin Place came alive with animal costumes, signs and chants as over 500 people rallied together for our wildlife.

What an incredible collective effort this campaign has been so far! We had heard that Premier Baird would table his new land-clearing laws as early as last week, but it now seems he’ll try to introduce them sometime in November.

The best thing you can do to keep the momentum going is call Premier Baird on 8574 5000 and leave a message. There’s more info here to help you make the call.

Let’s buy more time to win this fight in the new year – help keep our land-clearing laws safe for the rest of 2016!

Two things you can do right now for our wildlife:

With hundreds of people like yourself calling, the Premier’s office is busy so you might be asked to contact the Premier online instead. However, you’re within your rights to politely insist on leaving a message over the phone.

For too long Mike Baird has allowed the National Party to write our environment policy. It’s time for our Premier to stand up with the majority who support strong protections for our wildlife and bushland.

Farmers, scientists, environmentalists and 85% of submissions stand united against Premier Baird’s plans to scrap our land-clearing laws! Let’s keep urging Mr. Baird to ditch these unpopular changes.

Thanks for your passion in defending our wildlife, and thanks to all of you who’ve taken action so far!

Corinne for Stand Up For Nature

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Stand Up For Nature is an alliance of conservation groups dedicated to improving protection for nature in NSW.

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