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July youth grassroots movement for climate action


IN THE LAST year, we’ve seen an unprecedented grassroots movement for action on climate change. In the Global School Strike For Climate, hundreds of thousands of school students and their allies and teachers took to the streets in dozens of countries to protest insufficient action on climate change.

These strikes have followed a long history of standing up against injustice. Here at the AYCC, we’re inspired by the fierce and staunch resistance of First Nations people who have led walk outs, walk offs, and strikes for land rights, for justice, and for fair work conditions. From this long history of resistance, we’ve learned that taking a stand means community-led action. We know that whenever we take action, we’re standing on the shoulders of giants.

This year, our movement is stepping up: we will do the impossible to avoid the unimaginable. Sign up for Step Up For Climate Justice to raise funds for our next year of climate justice!

Step Up For Climate Justice is a fundraiser intended to be accessible to anybody across our wide base of volunteers and supporters. No matter your level of fitness, your physical or mental ability, or your amount of free time, there will be a Step Up challenge that can work for you — and if not, you can set your own challenge or run an event! If you want to get active, you could set yourself a daily step or distance goal, or muster your mates for that long-planned Sunday hike. If you want to set your own challenge, you could arrange a casual dress day at your school, or gather your community for a movie marathon!

Will you commit to joining with hundreds of young people in our fight against injustice by signing up for Step Up For Climate Justice?

AYCC and Seed have big dreams for the year ahead. We’re planning to train thousands more young volunteers, support the school strikers as they step it up, and stand with First Nations communities to protect country from dirty fossil fuel projects. But we can’t do any of this without support.

Countless people before us have fought for the right to strike, for the right for free speech, and continue to fight for the right to decide what happens on their land. We are determined to follow in their footsteps as we fight for climate justice and a safe and equitable future for everyone!

Let’s get rolling!

— Briar, for the AYCC team

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