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Labor will fund extensions to the Queanbeyan River Walk


A SHORTEN LABOR Government will invest $3 million in stage two of the Queanbeyan River Walk.

This election will be a choice between a united Shorten Labor Government, which will build the community infrastructure Queanbeyan needs, or more of the Liberals’ cuts and chaos. We need real change, because more of the same isn’t good enough.

Stage two of the Queanbeyan River Walk will consist of a shared pathway along the Queanbeyan River, linking the CBD to key residential areas and recreational facilities.

The Queanbeyan River Walk has been a great success and is used by many members of our community, including the Heart Foundation’s Queanbeyan Town Park Walkers and other walking groups, as well as participants in regular Park Runs.

Stage two will provide a safer and steadier path for those enjoying the area, while also creating a unique tourism opportunity that will make Queanbeyan one of only a few regional cities with safe paths for platypus and river wildlife viewing right in the heart of the CBD.

Labor can invest in a fair go for all Australians because we have made the tough budget decisions to make multinationals pay their fair share of tax, close tax loopholes used by the top end of town, and we won’t give the big banks a tax cut.

After six years of Liberal cuts and chaos, our united Labor team is ready.

End the chaos. Vote for change. Vote for Labor.

Authorised by Noah Carroll, ALP, Canberra

IMAGE: Campaign brochure, Mike Kelly, MP.


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