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Letter: 2030 weather, here already?

Feed went with heat and evaporation

2030 weather, here already?

Dear Editor

As if last year’s summer was not bad enough, we have had to endure almost constant heatwaves through this summer with very little rainfall to compensate for increased evaporation. Farmers and other residents have had to spend valuable time and effort fighting bushfires, notably the Murrumbucca fire north of Cooma.

Stock animals have been lost to fire, or sold off too quickly as water and feed has diminished. Native animals have also been affected. In south-east Queensland at least 45,500 flying foxes died on just one extremely hot day.

This is what climate scientists have warned would happen: more frequent and intense heatwaves and other extreme weather events; higher temperatures, and, at least in southern Australia, generally drier conditions. And climate change is coming very rapidly. Climate Council member Will Steffen said only last week that the weather we are now experiencing is what we were warned to expect for 2030.

It is now beyond any doubt that climate change is largely man-made. Volcanoes and sun-spots have an effect too, but it is greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels, along with deforestation, that is the overwhelming driving force.

Three years ago Climate Action Monaro was formed primarily to educate the public and decision-makers about the science of climate change, and secondarily to help develop policies that would both mitigate climate change and help adapt to it.

Every week, Climate Action Monaro issues an email bulletin to anyone interested that informs them of the issues concerning climate change. Every six months, we hold a public meeting. The next is in Cooma on March 29 on the need to divest from fossil fuels.

Your readers are more than welcome to receive these weekly bulletins, whether or not they perceive themselves to be part of the Monaro or not! All they need do is send an email to me at jenny.goldie @ asking to be put on the list.

Jenny Goldie


Climate Action Monaro


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